Anaconda vs Plazma and Indigo for Body Comp

So confused now on some of the new products

Body Comp has stalled and I will be adding Indigo but which products should I be adding for periworkout nutrition?
Not really understanding what the big difference is between the 2 products.
Plazma gets nutrients deep into the muscle??
Anaconda increases WO capcity???

What are the suggestions when paired with Indigo, honestly I could care less about pump and more about recovery as I am training hard for fat loss

Last time I used the “old” Anaconda and MAG-10 it really screwed up my GI tract, so a little concerned with that as I had to stop using dairy for several months to fix this problem

Think of <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma as the latest evolution of peri-workout nutrition. It’s our most effective, elite-formula workout drink that we suggest to those who like to train themselves to the point of breaking and really push their limits.

Before the release of Plazma, we used to suggest mixtures of several of our supplements. Plazma takes care of all this in one drink, plus some. (Honestly, Plazma is more than most beginners need, or at least they could use less of it. It’s that ramped up compared to our older workout drinks.) Sure, some of the older formulas share similar ingredients, but Plazma is at the top of the food chain, with the perfect ratios for rapid recovery, faster gains, and increased performance during training. Most people who used Anaconda previously have made the switch to Plazma and won’t switch back.

Note: A few people experienced stomach upset on the older formulas of Anaconda and MAG-10, but those formulas have also been upgraded and we haven’t heard of any issues since. Still, for the more experienced lifters, we suggest Plazma pre-loaded before training and then consumed during. Ideally, a serving or two of MAG-10 is consumed in the post-workout period. No Anaconda, Surge, etc. needed.

Plazma is our #1 recommendation for those using Indigo-3G, and we have two stacks available to take advantage of their synergy:

<a href=""target=“new”>Plazma Super Stack

<a href=""target=“new”>Plazma Reactive Pump Stack

Question: How do you define “training for fat loss” exactly?

BTW, here’s some of the feedback I’ve collected on Plazma. You can find all these folks here on the forums:

I tried the Plazma for this morning’s session. I really don’t know what’s better: the pump during the workout, or the way it feels as the day goes on! I feel full and pumped throughout the day in all the right places. And my arms are still pumped about six hours after my workout. When I got home from the gym, I had to show my wife how pumped I was. She said that it was starting to look like my head was so small it didn’t belong to my body anymore. So, I mean, that pretty much says it all right there! - Serge A. Storms

Guys, I’ve been taking Plazma for 4 months. I’m not even joking: the results I’ve seen are insane. You’ll love it. Two inches up on my chest measurements, and my caliper measurements show I’m down in body fat. Plazma is better than Anaconda. The pump is insane and recovery is even better. - Justin Negrete

Here’s what I can tell you: it works. Insane pumps without feeling bloated at all. Recovery is much smoother, and recovery between sets and exercises is great. I go pretty damn hard with John Meadows and don’t feel beat up! Plazma works better than anything else I’ve tried. – zraw

Hi Chris,

I was just wondering if you could pass on my appreciation to Tim Patterson and the Biotest Team for the privilege of using Plazma before its release. It feels like I’m gifted again! My work capacity is through the roof, strength is going up and I might even start to look like I train if this continues. There might just be one problem… when I think I’ve reached breaking point, I fuel up and do it all again the next day.


Wow! My recovery on Plazma has improved so much. Usually after trap bar work, my upper back, glutes, and quads get sore. But this morning? None! I believe in Plazma and will continue to use it in the future! – dlee34

I feel like I can do anything on Plazma. I feel like my working weight goes up 10% every workout, and well, it actually has! – Hip Scar

I previously used Anaconda for six months and loved it. Now I’m using Plazma and my work capacity is markedly higher. In contrast to this same session from last week, I was able to do at least one more rep per set and one more set per lift, in the same amount of time and with equal perceived effort. I also noticed an increase in pump. Pleased with the results! – dirkus27

With the addition of Plazma, I’ve seen increases in size in even the most stubborn body parts. It’s really amazing. The weight for all my sets has continuously increased every workout and the size gains are very noticeable. – JoeAnderson

I’ve been using Plazma for a solid week now and I love it! The best way to describe it is that it keeps you charged up to do more, more, and MORE! You seriously feel as if you could do more exercises long after you’re finished. And recovery? Wow! Virtually no soreness after moving serious weights that should have left me groaning for days. PRs left and right! – Catnip

Thanks Chris

Define training for fat loss…
right now… German Body Comp for Athletes
Eric Minor Has some great stuff I may switch to
Or when using Indigo-3G the Stuff Coach Thib wrote for the product

2 days of either Sprints or Sled Work/Strongman

That sounds good. Many Indigo-3G users have also used Thibaudeau’s Figure Athlete program available once you get on Indigo: Although it’s aimed at females, it’s absolutely brutal (I’ve seen more than one male not be able to finish the workouts) and highly effective for fat loss while keeping or even building muscle.

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