Anaconda Timing

good morning
occasionally, i’m at 30 minutes after Indigo when i start Anaconda. like today.
sometimes i get to gym fast… no traffic whatsoever.

Yep, no problem.

you the master blaster
have a great day…

which are r the best rices? i hear, white, jssmine, brown, basmati, sticky, bfd.
which ones should i be eating?

They’re all fine really. Not a big difference in them. Some think brown is better because it has slightly better nutrients and more fiber, but it’s very minor. Brown gives some people issues where white does not. And the glycemic index doesn’t matter in a mixed meal with other foods.

So, just use whatever you like. I prefer jasmine for flavor and it cooks well in a rice cooker.

Only thing to avoid are those microwave or instant rice packets. Lots of bad fads and other junk added.

packets-- yep. went to costco the other day. saw them all. and i said to myself.
Chris is not gonna like this shit.
so rather than buy a 20lb bag of rice, i’ll just go to supermarket.
my wife has been looking for rice bread. cant find it.
i havent had a sandwich in like ages.

Rice bread is usually found at places like Whole Foods and Natural Grocer, usually sold frozen. Though Walmart sometimes has it in the bakery in a refrigerated case. You can also get pasta made from 100% rice and it’s actually very good.

i premade my Anaconda. its in the fridge.
will it stay til monday?
ill post on the live spill

It’ll be fine in the fridge.

morning chris,. sorry to trouble you with this stuff, but new stuff always comes along.
ok, so im doing some neural charge days(more questions on that later0
no Anaconda. ok. i go to gym first thing in the am.
today was like this.
620 mag coffee
700 gym 20 minute workout-- nc stuff
800 indi, and now food is on the way

basically, is it ok to have the indi after this training?

training ??
during tax season. i’m very busy and dont sleep much etc.
ct, in all his wisdom, enlightened me, when i was asking for a 1day/1 hour per week workout.
he said, better to train 10-20 every day. funny, sometimes, he makes it so simple, that i really wanna pinch myself to see if i’m still alive… LOL

anyway, it seems you have some very cool stuff that can be done in the office.
can u point me in the direction to find some of these?

  1. Yes, no problem.

  2. I don’t recall a specific article on office type workouts, but we have several in the archives using only body weight. Just do a search for body weight training." Band work would also be good. Just run a search here on the site for “bands” and several things should come up. Band pull-aparts are ideal for those with desk jobs.

good morning,
some of the guys have said that they recommend 8-12 weeks on initial dosage.
i started on 9/11. i believe i purchased based on 8 weeks.
what do you say?
oh and by the way. thanks very much

You can use the full dosage for as little as 6 weeks, then move the single dose per day.

Generally speaking, the more a person’s fat cells are damaged or the more issues they’ve had with nutrient uptake (easy to gain body fat etc.) then the longer they may want to stay on. Some go to 12 weeks. But you’ll see results in 6 weeks, then move to single dosing for continued progress.

MAG-10, is it better to take it 30min before workout? or right before.
Anaconda… should some be drank 10-20 minutes before i start training?
i remember reading some things and i am wondering if i can tweak the am workout timing.

the only idea i had was to take the indi as soon as i get up. that will be about 15 minutes earlier than i am currently doing.
if i do that. then i could do the MAG-10 while in the car, 15 minutes later
and i can start the anaconda just before i get to the gym.

reason why i asked, is because, twice the timing kinda worked out that way.
where i started training a little later, and both times i realy felt better at the workout.
maybe it’s a coincidence?
i dont know.
any thoughts?
or just leave it alone.

  1. MAG-10 can really be taken at any time, 30-60 mins before training, between meals, right after training. Can’t really go wrong with MAG-10.

  2. Anaconda: start sipping 5-10 minutes before workout, consume rest during training.

i cut my workout short today… did not feel well
i did not finish my Anaconda. should i finish it? or trash it? or save it for tomorrow?

It would be okay in the fridge if you want to just add to it for the next session.

morning chris
food ?
this is where im at today
820 ana, gym
1030 mag
its now 1110 i’d rather have some food now and puch my next dose of indi to a little later
is this ok?
or should i stay with the meta shake now,(meaning 1130) and then proceed with the indi at 1230 and food at 130?

Either way is fine.

adjusted plan for intense days… squat, dead, bench, press, lats/bis(really the squat and dead days are the most intense)
the parts in parentheses are questionable.
based on what chris said in the spill, i think this is a viable plan.
Chris. what do you say?
thanks in advance.

700 indigo, 2 scoops of MAG-10(OR 3 IF OK)
730 at gym- change cloths, stretch
740 start anaconda -3.5- 4 scoops in 1.5 litres of water
745 start training session
845-900 done with training
shower, change
945-1000 at office. 2 scoops of mag10 (OR 3 IF OK)
1030 2 more scoops of mag10–(if 3 scoops on the prior is ok, i would skip this one)
1100 indigo
1140 food
rest of day is easy

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