Anaconda, then Surge-Post



I’ve been using Anaconda during my V-Diet training. One scoop in 1L of water. I drink that before, during, and after I train as you’ve stated. I’ve been taking Chocolate Surge Post drink after two training sessions this week.

Also, I forgot to take out one scoop from my protein shakes throughout the day as you told me to do to balance out the calories. Are these too many calories? Or will I be alright? I feel fine, and look different(less chubby) already. But my question is, am I hurting myself by forgetting to deduct this one scoop of protein throughout the day while taking my Anaconda during the training? Thanks Chris!


Probably not, I mean, we’re talking 110 calories from a good, clean source.

Also, there’s something called dynamic Mmabolism. Basically, no one uses/burns X amount of calories per day like the various calorie formulae say. There are hundreds of factors that influence this, even how sore you are (you burn more cals when sore.) Dr. Lowery and I are working on an article about this topic, in part.

Anyway, if you’re feeling leaner, then that 110 cals is fine. That falls well within the “wiggle room” range anyway. No worries.


Today, I did my V-burn challenge at lunch time. The thing is, I was supposed to perform the challenge this pats saturday or Sunday. I was too lazy and tired Saturday, so I slept. Sunday, was HSM so I ate 3/4 of a 1.7lb T-Bone steak with a few slices of almond flour pizza that I made on the grill out here in Iraq.

So I felt guilty for not doing the V-Burn challenge so today, at lunch time, I made one scoop of Anaconda and drank it with .5 to .75 litres of water. I did another litre of Anaconda this evening for day one of week three. Is this too much? Again, I feel quite fine. I felt a tingling sensation over my neck and head after the V-burn challenge at lunch with the Anaconda.


Nah, not too much. No worries.


Another situation:
Every time I use Anaconda, it upsets my stomach. I have to drink extra water every time I do the Pulse Fast just because of the Anaconda. Not only that, it gives me watery bowel movements. I know it’s nasty, but why does it happen? I once had an ulcer years ago and it bothers me when I’m dehydrated. It seems that when I use Anaconda by itself, or in the Pulse Fast, it or my stomach pulls water from everywhere in my body. Why is that?


That’s the first I’ve heard of that situation. Anaconda actually has a superhydration catalyst, so as long as you’re drinking it with plenty of water, it should have the opposite effect, keeping the muscles/body nicely hydrated for better performance.


It helps tremendously with my performance. When I’m training, I have to drink water alongside the Anaconda because it upsets my stomach. This happens every time I do the pulse fast, and every time I use the Anaconda by itself. Maybe I need more water when I drink Anaconda by itself. Maybe I need to consume more water every time I drink 400ml of the Pulse Fast. That’s what I’ve figured out on my own. Day to day, I drink atleast 6 liters of water, and that’s with the V-Diet shakes. I mix the protein with a litre of water. When I am just eating only, before the V-Diet, I was still drinking 4-6 litres of water a day.

I have though, dropped 12 lbs in 21 days. From 200 down to 188. The front side fat is going down slowly, but the side fat and back fat love handles aren’t going down as quickly. It looks like my emergency reserves are holding on for dear life. I still have Week 4, then Phase 2 of the V-Diet to finish it all off. I have to increase my NEPA though, I think I’m not doing enough.

So the next time I consume a Pulse Fast, I’ll have a bottle of water beside the Pulse fast drink during bottle 2 of the day(since it has Anaconda). I think that there’s something that affects my ulcer that I had years ago? Or maybe I need more water than the average 5’4 188lb man.