Anaconda and MAG-10


Hi Chris,

I have done some search but not to sure on the protocol.

I have started the V-Diet Monday and I was wondering how I can integrate peri-WO nutrition with Anaconda and MAG-10.

I work out on lunch time.

So far what I have done is to replace the MD shake (lunch) with 2 scoops of Anaconda pre and during WO and 1 scoop of MAG-10 PWO, I skip the MD shake for lunch. I have it around 3 pm.

Am I ok ? What else should I be doing ?




First, you don’t need Surge Recovery when using Anaconda and MAG-10 instead. If you simply replaced the Recovery with the new protocol, you’d be good to go. Shakes could stay the same.



So, is 2 scoops Anaconda pre and during WO and 1 scoop of MAG-10 post ok ?

I don’t use SWF. And I don’t have a shake for lunch because after my peri WO shakes I am very full, but can it it if required !


PS after 3 days on V-Diet: 5 lbs less !!! and I feel good !


2 scoops of Anaconda and 1 serving (not scoop, two scoops = one serving) is good.