Anabolic Products?

jmull74 asks:

I’m very interested in trying three products. I’m excited to get started. Does the Indigo-3G® or Mirco-PA™ contain any form of pro hormones or anabolics? I see that the Carbolin 19® is a anabolic agent. Do you have to cycle it and will the gains diminish? Once again I’m ready to buy and get started. I’ve had to stop training for a while due to health issues and I’m ready to push myself further than I ever have and make a dramatic transformation and set many new records for my personal bests in all lifts. Thank you and I can’t wait to take advantage of your sale.

[quote] Does the Indigo-3G® or Micro-PA™ contain any form of pro hormones or
Nope. Nothing even remotely close to it in either supplement.

“Anabolic” just means “helps to build muscle”. Carbolin 19 is anabolic, so is whey protein, so are eggs.

There’s no need to cycle off Carbolin 19. If you do stop using it, it’s not like poof you lose any progress you made while using it. Most noticeably, you might see a difference in getting less of a pump during workouts, but that’s likely the biggest “on vs off” change to see.

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All outstanding supplements!

I am not a supplement science expert, but I have been taking Biotest supplements for years and can offer my input. Regarding pro-hormones, no none of them contain pro-hormones and I know that all supplements do not contain any banned substances, as I am a natural bodybuilder and have to be tested. I use all of the supplements you mentioned, and more.

Carbolin 19
You don’t need to cycle it, and I don’t think gains will diminish. If you keep taking it, you’ll receive the benefits from it, which are numerous.

Will allow you to really eat up and make the most of your carbs. I was able to become MUCH more carb tolerant after going on a double dose for about a year. I think the current protocol is one dose per day. I’ve been taking Indigo every day, no need to cycle.

This supplement was a complete game changer for me, within a few weeks I started seeing results and so did others who saw me frequently in the gym. This will naturally increase your ability to build LBM during your workouts. Be sure to emphasize TUT (time under tension) with this supplement, slow negatives and really focusing on muscle contraction. I’ve been taking Micro-PA every training day for years, I wouldn’t train without it.

I’d really recommend Plazma for your training sessions if it’s not part of your protocol already. These are all incredible supplements, but in order to really make progress you’ll have to be sure your training and pre/peri workout nutrition is consistent and optimal. With Plazma fueling your lifts, you’ll have more productive and effective sessions, making better use of the supplements, etc. It’s all cumulative.

Good luck!


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