Anabolic Food Additive Did Not Get Shipped!


Hi Chris,

We received our V-Diet supplements today and the anabolic food additive L-Leucine was not included in the shipping! Is this not one of supplements that we need in our shakes?

I do not remember it being stated when I purchased the V-Diet package. Please answer me as soon as you can as we planned on starting tomorrow morning.

Thank you,


L-leucine is out of stock at this time.

You don’t HAVE to have it. If you’re really worried you could do a pulse of MAG-10 about 15-20 minutes in advance of the shake.

You’ll be fine without it and also you were most likely not charged for it. You should be A-okay without it. If you use l-leucine from someone other than Biotest, be aware it could be made of human hair.( yes really )


What does do a pulse of MAG-10 mean? And thank you for such a quick response!


Just skip the leucine for now. You weren’t charged for it. It was mainly added to the diet to ease the fears of very large bodybuilders who were afraid they’d lose muscle. (They really didn’t need to worry, but extra leucine was added as “insurance.”)


Should I order it as soon as it is back in stock? Or, is it really not necessary?


[quote]ldelbocc wrote:
Should I order it as soon as it is back in stock? Or, is it really not necessary?[/quote]

It’s up to you. If you’re a 280 pound male bodybuilder afraid of losing an ounce of muscle, go for it. Most people are fine without it, as long as they’re following the rest of the program to a T.


Ok, sounds good. I am a 140 lb female not concerned with losing a little muscle. Thanks!