Anabolic Diet Mass Phase Nutrient Breakdown



I recently read your review of the metabolic/anabolic diet. I saw the recommended percentages for macro nutrients for the maintenance phase, but did not see it for the mass or cutting phases. Do we keep the same percentages and just increase or decrease overall calories?


I don’t know, wrote than a decade ago or so, and no longer really believe it’s the best plan. Very outdated.


What would be the best plan for maintenance or mass gaining? Pulse feast paired with pulse fasts? I’m 5’11 163 (weighed today) and I’m sitting at no more than 10% body fat.


Indigo-3G with proper peri-workout nutrition and buttloads of clean carbs.


Thanks Shug, and I would absolutely love to do that but I don’t have the money to. Any other suggestions?


Well, you asked about maintenance and mass gaining. Two very different things. What is your primary goal?


Gaining weight. I can’t seem to break 175 with out rising above 15% body fat, and I’ve been trying for 5 years. I took HP mass for a spin last year and hit 178 fairly lean, but when I get to around 180 I seem to always get sick shortly after and I end up losing about 20lbs over the next few weeks. I just don’t know what to do anymore.


What are your food choices like when you try to gain mass?

Could be a lot of things going on: poor diet plan, lack of hard training, and MAYBE just genetics, but doubtfully.

I find that the most successful mass phases are done cleanly. No junk foods. Some guidelines in my “How to Get Big Without Getting Fat” article in the archives.

A wheat-free, milk-free, booze-free, hunk-free mass plan is easy to do really.


When I was on HP mass I separated carbs from fat. Eating only carbs in morning, before, during and after working out. I took Surge during, creatine and whey (usually with a banana and strawberries) after. For my fat meals I would normally consume tuna on top of spinach with olive oil and seasoning. If not tune then I would eat a lean meat. My carbs consisted of oatmeal, raisins and milk for breakfast. Chili (fat drained and meat rinsed with water to get more fat off) using black beans and kidney beans. I would also eat eggs after workouts, sometimes eggs and toast if I knew it was going to be several hours before I was able to eat again. Drank roughly a gallon and a half of water a day.

I think that’s all the important stuff. As far as junk food goes, I’ve never been a fan. My Dad has diabetes and so I kicked junk food out a long time ago.

I would however eat ice cream on occasion. Literally only once a month.

I always figured my diet was pretty good, but you know way more than I do so any pointers or articles I could glean information from would be amazing.

Thank you for all the help you’ve already given me.



I read the re-read both articles, and then read them again. I like both articles, but would prefer using your outline, as I’m deathly afraid of too many carbs, and Matt’s would have me above 300.

I went on a high carb diet this summer and I gained weight, but if I missed a meal I was a wreck. I would feel dizzy, weak and unable to concentrate. The upside was that I put on about 5 lbs of muscle before I got staph in my knee and lost it all.

With my Dad being Diabetic, and my sister being hypoglycemic, I get a bit worried about carbs.


That’s understandable. Some of the Paleo folks say that 150g is tops for daily carb intake when the goal is clean muscle gains. Maybe. But you can really pack in carbs around lifting time without much worry – clean of course, and mostly from supps like Surge Workout Fuel, FINiBAR, etc.


That’s what I was hoping to hear. I was also hoping high fat was ok to continue for the rest of the day. I quite enjoy my peanut butter, heavy whipping cream, protein shakes. Also all the meat. Glorious meat.


Keeping calories in mind of course, I’ve always like the idea of a moderate-carb diet with carbs coming only around training time, but higher fat and protein the rest of the day. Kinda like my “100 Gram Carb Cure” article.


Awesome! I made a few friends read that article, and I’ve read it myself. Any suggestions on pulsing MAG-10?


Pulsing with MAG-10:

My favorite way to do it is to have a “pulse” (one scoop) before a few solid meals a day, like 30 minutes prior. This anabolic hit really helps “put that meal to work” so to speak, because of the high leucine content. The info on that is in our leucine product article, and MAG-10 is full of leucine.


Awesome! And thank you for all the help, yet another reason I absolutely love Biotest! You guys are great. Also… Stlthx is a dedicated beast. He got me hooked on Biotest products, articles and ingrained me with good training habits. He’s a great teacher and I think he’d be a great addition to bootcamp 2. Just saying.