Anabolic Diet After the V-Diet


I like trying things out, so after my V-Diet i got on CT’s ovt plan and picked up a high carb low fat diet: mass plan was about 3500cals, 250-350 carb, 200 -250 protein and <100 fat
For the sake of trying new things, i was thinking about trying the anabolic diet, but w maybe arpund 80 g carb a day and maybe one or two carb up meals a week. How could i figure out my macros for this kind of diet? I want to build muscle, so ill need a surplus, but how much of a surplus? And how much fat and pro? Im asking this question here bc this diet is more or less paleo.

I also want to add that since starting my higher carb diet, my pants have been getting a bit tighter and my face is a little fattet. Idont know if its the caloric surplus or the carbs…so ill cut carbs and keep the surplus and see what happens! Thanks


First, here’s my article on clean mass diets:

As you’ll read there, you only need 800 to 1000 extra cals per day for maximal muscle gains and minimal fat gains. Any more than that and you’re just adding mostly extra body fat and bloat and no additional muscle over what an 800-1000 cal surplus will give you.

Second, I don’t like the Anabolic Diet for mass gains. Any diet that ignores peri-workout nutrition is antiquated and needs to be ignored. Last time I looked, that old plan did just that.

My recs: 800 to 1000 cals over maintenance intake, 150g carbs per day, the majority around lifting time, 1 to 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight, the rest good fats.


ok thanks