Amy and Steve's V-Diet Log: Amy

Ok, here we go, getting started on the V-Diet! My husband Steve and I are doing this together.

Beginning stats:

5feet 7inches 33yrs

Been on for 4 days. Doing ok except for the hunger and fatigue. Shakes satisfy for about 2hrs, then I struggle. I miss fruit. Hoping this goes away after a week or so.

Definitely have lost all craving for fast foods (typically had 3-4x per week despite the guilt).

Will be playing vball 2x per week for 2 more weeks and karate 1-2x per week (not giving that up). Looking forward to lifting weights again.

I’m also a carboholic so this diet should teach my body that, no, I will not die if I don’t eat cereal twice a day!

Steve here (we’re both using sgottsch as a login at the moment).

Thought that I would post my stats and pics:

32 years old
Starting weight 203 lbs

My goals for this are to lean up a little and kick some of my bad habits(fast food as noted by Amy). I have always been pretty active (hockey, rugby, karate, volleyball) so weight has never been an issue. After 30, your body is less forgiving and my diet has become brutal. I’m glad that Amy and I can do this together, it should make it more bearable.

Fours day down and I’m feeling OK, some days better than others. I’m fine with the taste of the shakes, but I am constantly hungry! I hope this will get better. We had our HSM early on Day 3 due to social commitments, but kept it clean. I have to say that food has never tasted or smelled so good. We have left overs and it’s killing me that we can’t eat them, but we’re holding strong and not cheating. It’s going to be a long 7 days until the next HSM, but we can do it!

Front Pic.

Hey you two - best of luck :slight_smile: Records (i.e. other logs) show that couples do really well when they do the V-Diet together!

Amy, completely agree with the carboholic comment - I am a lolly-fiend so I’m really hoping this helps me kick the habit too!

I’ve been feeling really full on the shakes - if you let it stand a bit longer or blend it a bit more thoroughly, you end up with this really thick shake that might fill you up more? Adding crushed ice may also help.

Couples usually do great on the V-Diet. Keep us posted! Any questions for me, be sure to post them in the Ask Chris thread so I’ll be sure to see them.

Amy - ditto what candylicious said…I’ve been blending mine with a ton of ice. Also, since I was flying to PHX today, I froze a shake last night and brought it with me to the airport. It turned out better than I expected. Good Luck!

Thanks for the tips and support! It’s getting a little easier every day. I like the ice/freezing ideas, hadn’t occurred to me yet and I may also have to travel in the next 4 weeks!

Hi Amy and Steve! I think JWD and I are only a day ahead of you and we’re doing this as a couple too. Good luck with everything. I’ll most definitely be following your log.

I’ve noticed my sense of smell has increased a lot (or at least what seems like a lot)

good luck

Well Day 5 is almost done. Today was much better than yesterday. I was a lot less hungry. The first couple of days got easier with time, but the day after the HSM was the worst so far.

Did my first workout today. My basement’s in the midst of a reno so my gym has been out of commission for a while. I’ve managed to move enough drywall and 2x4s to make space for my olympic bar, rack, bench and dumbells. I haven’t lifted in about a year so I had a little trouble determining the right weight to use, but got it in the end. Next workout will be better.

Workout 1:

Front squat - 80x10, 115x8/8/8/6
Dumbell bench press (don’t have dumbbells heavy enough so used cables)-90x8/8/8/5/5/4/2
Barbell Bent Over Row - 135x8/8/8/5/6/5
Plank - 60s/60s/40s/45s/45s

Everything was a lot harder than it should have been. Note to self: don’t stop lifting again…

Amy here. Yesterday was a pretty rough day for me. Just generally feeling down and dissatisfied with this diet. Hunger is gone - I seemed to have adjusted to calories and timing of the vdiet - but I still miss food desperately. I was not a happy camper last night.

The weird thing is, I feel much better today. I actually woke up in a decent mood. Decided to try on some “140” pants (yes, my pants are organized by weight from 130 through to 150 due to crazy fluctuations over the past 5 years). They fit, so I’m feeling even better now.

It’s lunch time at the office, just took nutritional supplement AG-2 (starting to feel like 7of9 here, but without the hot bod).

Measurements to come tonight, interested to see what I’ve lost…

OK, so time to post week 1 measurements and pics

Weight(145-140.4) = down 4.6lbs

Measurement summary (not all results shown)
Neck = no change
Shoulders = no change
Chest Upper = - 1/8
Chest Lower = -1 1/8
Waist at Navel = no change
Waist at largest = -1/2
Hips at largest = -1/4
Upper Arm = - 1/4
Upper Leg = - 5/8
Lower Leg = - 3/8
TOTAL = -4

btw, not taking HOT-ROX due to jitters. May add later on if I plateau.

Another try, just getting used to Picasa

My measurements show the most inches lost of my “chest lower”, which i thought was a wierd measurement, yet I can see that in the side view.
I still look fat.

Now I’m putting up Steve’s pics…

and the side view

Here’s my Day 7 measurements:

Weight(203.0-196.8) = down 6.2lbs

Neck = 15.75 (+0.125)
Shoulders = 50.00 (-0.625)
Chest Upper = 40.375 (-1.125)
Chest Lower = 37.5 (-1.5)
Waist at Navel = 35.5 (-1.5)
Waist at largest = 36.5 (-1.125)
Hips at largest = 41.5 (+0.25)
Upper Arm ® = 14.75 (+0.125)
Upper Arm (L) = 15.0 (0)
Upper Leg ® = 24.0 (0)
Upper Leg (L) = 24.0 (0)
Lower Leg ®= 17.25 (-0.5)
Lower Leg (L)= 17.25 (-0.5)
TOTAL = -6.25

The pictures don’t look much different, but 6.2 lbs and 6.25 inches is something.

You guys did a fantastic job…4.6 and 6.2 pounds! You can see the difference in both of your mid-sections.

Amy - you look smaller in the waist and hips as well. Look at your bathing suit bottom. It does not stretch as much in pic 2:)

Scott - you pics DO look different. It was hard to tell at first because you have different boxers on.

Keep up the great work!

Wow! Way to go guys! That’s awesome. Amy, you can most definitely tell from the pictures, you’re absolutely right. I’m really impressed.

Nice job Scott! Your inches lost is really impressive!

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