Amount of Supplements to Order


Hi guys,

I’ve found the V-Diet and it sounds perfect for me. I’ve got really good will when I have a plan that I can follow. It seems really simple but effective.

My question is about buying the supplements, how much of each do I need for the length of the program?

Thanks in advance.


This is built into the V-Diet:

Tab 3, then Velocity Diet Program 3.0. Fill out the form and hit calculate. It does it all for you.



I’ve done this and it tells me I’m out of the body weight ranges. I’m 6’1" @ 325lbs @30% bodyfat.

I guess what I was wondering is do I just buy one tub of each of the supplements or do I need two of each.

The meal plan has me taking:
Protein - 13 scoops/day
Superfood - 4 scoops/day
Leucine - 4 scoops/day
Surge Recovery - 2 scoops/day
Flameout - 5 tablets/day

Thanks again.


The V-Diet may not be for you if you are out of the bodyweight range. It’s not for the medically obese.

It would be better to begin with something like my 100 Gram Cab Cure:

Then, once you’re in range, do the V-Diet.


Is there a reason I shouldn’t do the diet? You are the author of it so I’m interested in your concerns.

Some background about me, I’m a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter. I workout 5/6 days a week for 90 minutes or more.
I weight train, and I do cardio (with a heart rate monitor) as well as train jiu jitsu.

I’ve tried low carb diets, carb cycling, and they all work for a few weeks then it’s like my body figures out what I’m doing and I stop losing weight. I might add I don’t put the weight I lose back on, with my diet and exercise it stays off, but I stop losing weight and that’s the problem.

My goals for losing weight are purely for my jiu jitsu. When people see me they don’t immediately think I weight 325 lbs because I don’t have fat arms or legs, my fat is just in my abdomen area. In fact I don’t care what I weigh but I want my body fat down around 10%.

Thanks for you time.


You could indeed be an outlier – that’s someone that the calculator doesn’t “fit” because he or she is very tall, very short, or very muscular.

If you think you fall into the outlier category, then put 265 into the calculator and go by those numbers. Then we can tweak it for your needs. For example, you may need an extra scoop of Metabolic Drive per day or an extra scoop of Surge Recovery during hard training sessions.


A picture says a thousand words - if you could post a picture that would help Chris let you know what’s even better, but plenty of people have put in 265 and done the V-Diet with a slight tweak.

Let us know what yo decide.