Amount of Reps

Can the amount of reps be changed to more reps to accommodate a lighter weight to help with joint pain and other old man issues? So instead of 40 reps do say 55 reps? But stick to the same plan.



You should be able to adjust things according to your abilities, but just keep in mind that one principle of the training plan is to have “medium days” and “light days”. So if you’re making the medium days lighter, you might also need to make the lighter to get the benefits of different stimulus from day to day.

So, if your “medium day” changes to a 12-14RM (I’d barely adjust the volume, 45-50 reps), your “light day” might need to be bumped up/down to a 16-18RM for 50-55 reps. Might not seem like a significant reduction, but having a lighter day after a relatively harder one can help with overall recovery and progress.

Makes sense! Thank you.

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