Amount of Calories in Transition Period?

  1. Should you keep the calories the same or lower them reflecting your new weight?
  2. Or should you perhaps increase them a little bit if you want to replace some NEPA session with more intensive work like HIIT?

What you guys have been done?

i would say increase calories slightly. you want to establish a higher base metabolism slowly after such low calories for a long time. here’s a few simple rules i am going to follow for what i think will be a successful transition.

week 1

1 solid meal will be lean protein/starchy carbs/veggies/1 serving fruit. this meal will be post workout.

off days hsm will be for lunch and will be composed of: lean protein/healthy fats/HUGE salad or 2 bags of broccoli. or will be 3-4 eggs w/ 2 bags of broccoli or green beans or spinach on days that i don’t have work early in the morning.

i will have five 1 scoop shakes+meal+2 tbsp almond butter+8-10 tbsp of milled flax.

week 2

hsms will be for lunch and dinner on training days. same as above low carb lunch, higher carb dinner (post-workout) the only carbs i will be eating are gluten free (a quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice hot cereal that i came up with, sweet potatoes, quinoa itself, or 100% whole grain rice like brown, wild, red, etc.)

non training days hsms will be for lunch and dinner on days i work, and breakfast and dinner on days i am off. all will be low carb.

third week will be 3 hsms per day.

training days:
breakfast: low carb
lunch: low carb
post training solid meal: higher carb

non training days:
all low carb unless i do HIIT which the meal afterwards will be of the higher carb persuasion.

also for each meal i add, i drop 1 scoop protein+2-3 flax meal+almond butter when i start eating more fats.

I can’t remember how many calories I added after the first four weeks I think it was about 300 calories a day mostly from fibrous carbs and healthy fats.

I would aim for about 100g/day of carbs with at least 25g of fibre included in that 100g. I would vary my calorie intake through protein and fat intake. So basically I think on workout days I would take in about 35g extra in fats and that was about it (300calories). This gave me really good results and I continued to drop almost 1kg/wk of fat doing this.

I have found I handle carbs really badly so for me varying calorie intake through fats like coconut oil, nuts, avocado, olive oil, fatty fish and so on was much better. I find I have heaps of energy too so it’s not a drain in any way.

Play around and see what works for you but start with 250cal/day I’d say.

In Gustav’s thread at the end I think they said start by adding 250cal/day in a 50/25/25 P/C/F ratio until you stop losing weight. Have a read though to double check. Make the change each week up or down.

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