Amit Sapir Log 2


My bench press was 413 and 606 dead lift for 1841 total
I pressed 435 and got called on moving my feet so was pretty pissed about it.
Both my bench and deads are about 70% from my form pre injury and surgeries.
My best bench was 500 and best deadlift 750… I’ll get there back. just need more time to rehab my arms
Squats were- 788,804.822- all new ALL TIME WR




Insane muscularity


Some more pics from my last meet. what an amazing season it was.



My first EVER weightlifting shoes - 17 years old at this point…they took me through an important stage in my development as an athlete. I need to thank my sponsors, particularly #biotest @testosteronenation #tnation who have made it possible for me to upgrade my equipment, supplements, nutrition quality, and training to a level that allows me to be at my best - a far cry from my first ever gear and I’m eternally grateful.


The show that qualified me for Olympia- Planning to come back to stage this year. stay tuned


Best year of my career and non of this was possible without Biotest


Keeping it lean and mean and excited to start 2016 season. thank god for my indigo :slight_smile:


Quad game is still strong :slightly_smiling:


Too good for words


Mr. Sapir,

I’m 18 years old and planning on joining the USMC. I know you were in the military, so could you give me some advice on training for it?

I really need to massively up my cardio, calisthenics, endurance, and get a lot leaner and lighter. Could you give me some help coming up with a plan? I would really appreciate it.