AM Plazma Protocol - No FINiBARs?

So here is what I’m looking at. Any pointers will definitely be considered. Just wondering where to put my first mag10 as some articles/forums don’t show it prior to AM workouts due to time constraints. I also don’t have any finbars but I do have a few boxes of drive bars.

Wake Up : 5 AM - Indigo 3g (6) immediately upon waking
5:15 AM - Pre-Load Plazma (1 serving)
5:40 AM - Workout (2 servings)
6:40 AM - finish workout
7:40 AM - MAG-10 (Almonds)
9:00 AM - post workout meal or MAG-10?
12:00 PM - meal
3:00 PM - meal
5:00 PM - stretching/minor aerobic workout with the girlfriend
7:00 PM meal

I plan to do the 10 day layer system, starting each morning with a few sets of box jumps, 20-30 total jumps

I also don’t have a prowler for day 5 so I was thinking about replacing that with suicide sprints?

I’m also looking for some good post workout meal ideas to hit these calorie marks shown on the Plazma store page, any suggestions. I was just going to eat a lot of chicken and spinach.

How many grams of almonds to eat for the snacks?

You might want to try to post over in John Meadows forum and get answers from the writer.

Your supplement plan looks fine for your early AM training schedule. The second pulse of Mag-10 post-training is optional. You may be ready for a solid meal by then since you don’t have a regular breakfast.

The rest of your questions are outside the boundaries of Biotest Supplement Advice, but Thibaudeau and Meadows have their own training Q & A forums to help you out.

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