Am I Too Old for This?

I’m 49. Female. Overweight by about 50 pounds. Have high blood pressure. Can this work for me? Can I still take BP meds while on this diet?

I assume you mean the Velocity Diet?

No, you’re certainly not too old. Check the label on <a href=""target=“new”>HOT-ROX. You’ll need to leave that out if you’re on meds.

There are a few slight modifications we can make along the way so it’ll better suit your needs, however, most people can stick to the plan that’s generated for them when they place their info into the V-Diet calculator.

What is your training experience? Do you lift weights?

No I don’t lift weights. Not yet in an exercise routine.

The V-Diet could be a little too much for you right now.

Many people do what they call a “V-Diet Lite.” They have a <a href=""target=“new”>Metabolic Drive shake for breakfast and lunch, then a healthy solid meal at night that does not contain wheat or milk (these things can cause craving and trigger overeating and it’s best to get rid of them to long-term fat loss results.)

There’s room in there for a snack as well, and I’d still suggest <a href=""target=“new”>Flameout for sure. <a href=""target=“new”>Superfood is a good idea too if you’re not currently eating a lot of vegetables. It replace a multi-vitamin and you could mix it into one of the daily shakes (it’s great in Metabolic Drive vanilla.)

What this modified V-Diet would do for you is 1) control calories conveniently without having to count them, 2) bring down carb intake 3) provide plenty of filling protein and healthy nutrients, 4) still allow you to enjoy dinner with the family and meals out.

Adding weight training would build and strengthen your metabolism and of course make you look firm and sexy! You could use the V-Diet workouts if you’d like, but any simple plan would get you started and give you fast results if you’re new to resistance training.

Let me know what you think and I’d be glad to help you sort out the details.

Thank you! I am starting today! One question I do have is why the V-Diet does not ask for height measurement in the calculation. I’m 173 pounds at 5’2" if someone were taller at the same weight would the intake change?

[quote]Spiffy123 wrote:
Thank you! I am starting today! One question I do have is why the V-Diet does not ask for height measurement in the calculation. I’m 173 pounds at 5’2" if someone were taller at the same weight would the intake change?[/quote]

Probably, but the calculator gets you in the ballpark, then we can tweak from there based on your results.

Keep me posted and I’ll help you do that as and if needed.

You can just reply to this thread to ask questions and keep me updated. I’ll check it daily.

Thanks Chris!
So far so good! Is there a time limit to how fast I should consume the shakes? I am sort of taking my time…about 20 minutes? Also, I will be following the diet strictly so if I exercise early morning, should I drink the shake before or after the gym?

Finally, am I suppose to have one less shake on days when I do not exercise?

  1. Twenty minutes or so is fine. You can use more or less ice and water to make them to your liking. Some like thin, some like thick and icy. If you take too long drinking a shake, you may not be hungry for the next one, but 20 minutes seems fine. No need to slug it back if you don’t feel like it, though some V-Dieters do.

  2. Are you following the V-Diet as it’s written, or making the modifications we discussed? Generally speaking, weight training in fasted state, like first thing in the morning, is not as effective as having some nutrition in you, so a shake for breakfast first is advisable.

  3. If you’re doing the traditional V-Diet as written, the only thing you change is the Surge Recovery drink, which is only consumed on weight training days after the workout.

Hey Spiffy -
I am 53 and I lost about 25-30 lbs on the V-Diet.
Hang in there and it will pay off!

p.s. I also had high BP and high cholesterol - both are much improved with the weight loss.

Hi Chris,
Yes, I am trying to follow the V-Diet strictly. Today is day 2 and I feel a little nauseous this morning. Also, I was not able to have my fifth meal last night. I was full and could not do it. I am thinking that maybe five meals is too much? I don’t know. Also wanted to ask a silly question about measuring the Metabolic Drive powder.

I know it says a leveled scoop, but does that mean all the way to the top? I noticed that there was a line in the middle of the scoop and wondered if I was measuring in too much. Final question is about exercise. I was told not to do aerobic type exercise like kick boxing but I don’t understand how that would change things. Thanks!

  1. Go ahead and back it down to 4 shakes per day, and cut out one of the flax seed servings if you’re doing that part. Flax can be a little tricky on some people’s stomachs.

  2. One scoop is all the way to the top, but level, not “heaping.”

  3. Too much cardio-type work on a lower calorie, lower carb diet can cause muscle loss, which slows the metabolism and leads to yo-yo’ing. We don’t want V-Dieters to lose “weight” if some of that weight is muscle. We want all fat loss. The diet itself, the weight training workouts, and the daily NEPA walks will do this without the drawbacks of too much cardio.

Hi Chris,

It’s been a week. I have not been following the diet religiously as I had hoped, but have made what I think are 100% better choices, than what I was eating before starting this program. The protein shakes are no longer making me nauseous, but I feel emotionally unhappy with just drinking shakes. Sounds crazy and someone should rightfully ask me, “Then why do this at all?”

My instinct as a woman, a mom, a wife is to cook meals and take care of my family. So I have associated cooking and eating solid meals, and to my chagrin, unhealthy meals… with love. I chose this diet because I understand and believe that it is about re-programming and building better habits of mind, yet my “mommy self,” for lack of a better term, is getting in the way.

Don’t know if that makes sense and feel embarrassed because I know it sounds like a real “girlie” thing to say. I just want to be honest and hope that my comments may help you to help other women as well as help me. I don’t want to give up because I know it works. My husband has been very successful on this diet and it literally transformed him.

I am sure that throughout the research for this diet the difference between men and women was looked at, and wonder if men have a better success rate than women? I am asking for your guidance so that I can push myself toward a better approach and maybe even associate this diet with love also! LOL! I am starting to feel like a failure because I have only tried it for a week and have already tweaked it so many times!

I began on Friday, July 5th with the five shakes per day, flaxseed, Flameout. Then followed your advise and reduced to 4 shakes which was working.

By day 4, my emotions got the best of me and I decided to try the Velocity Lite by substituting one solid meal at dinner as you suggested. However, tonight I read that the V-lite should consist of four meals. One shake in a.m., two solid meals in the middle, and ending the day with another shake. I’m confused.

Finally, I have read the solid meal suggestions, however, I ate the following as my examples of a solid meal but think I may be doing something wrong:

  1. two hard boiled eggs with yolk, with two sliced tomatoes, sprinkle of salt and pepper. No oil. one rice cake.

  2. A mesclun salad with fresh tuna.

Snack: A rice cake with teaspoon of peanut butter.

Are these good examples or am I doing it wrong? I feel a little hungry but have not given in to eating more…yet I fear I will. Is this enough for a solid meal or should I eat more? What can I do to help myself when I feel like I am over-tweaking it? It’s hard to take advise from my husband because he wants me to do it strictly like he did, but I have not gotten there yet. I am a different person, but want the same results. I wonder if it will work the way I have been doing it.

Thank you.

  1. Typically, women lose fat slower on any diet. It’s just the way it is due to hormonal difference, body fat storage patterns etc. You’re not doing it “wrong” it just works out that way. (Unfair, I know.)

  2. The V-Diet “Lite” isn’t really an official plan and there have been a few variations over the years. I generally suggest one solid healthy meal per day for those that want it and feel they can be more consistent than an all-shake, one HSM weekly plan. This makes it easier too to have a meal with the family.

But other variations have worked, not as fast, and little trickier due to having to plan good meals, but they work. As you wrote, as long as it’s a huge improvement over previous eating habits and progress is happening, then it’s all good.

  1. Your food choices look fine, perhaps a little on the small side. It’s easy to overdo PB as well, but maybe that’s just me because I like it so much! Also, make sure that’s a plain rice cake, no added sugar which could trigger some cravings.

It’s just important to learn to tell the difference between habit and hunger, or true hunger (empty stomach, need for food) and stress eating, emotional eating, habitual eating etc. And when you first drop addictive foods and foods that cause overeating, like obvious junk food and wheat, there can be withdrawal that take about a week to get over physically and a little longer than that (roughly 21 days) to get over psychologically. The only “cure” is toughing it out until those false hunger signals fade and you learn to tell the difference between the true need for food and a craving. But this will happen with time. I call it becoming body aware.

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