Am I Too Old for This Plan?


I am 67 and over 333 pounds. I have a hard time walking out to my mailbox. I’m also diabetic and have high blood pressure. However, I know exercising and weight loss would help my two main medical conditions. I don’t have any electronic photographs of me, and very few recent ones, recent being sometime in the last 20 years. I looked at the beginning, exercise plan and while I think I can do the first three exercises, the incline plank seems a little beyond me.

I can get down to the floor by need four or five guys to help me up. I am assuming I can make some modifications to the exercise portion of the plan while still keeping to the ideal of V-Diet. Is there any other advice or suggestions you have. I have ordered the supplements today, 7/19/2013. And I will start exercising, i.e. walking today and adding a little bit each day. By the way, is it okay to use a rebounder?

Hi, Godfather067. Good to have you here on T-Nation.

The full <a href=""target=“new”>Velocity Diet may not be for you right now. I’d like to see you start out with something more basic and suited to your specific case. You’re not too old for it, but are heavier than we normally recommend for this type of diet, and you have some medical issues our standard plan may not suit.

It’s not just the workout plan that may need modified, but a couple of the supplements may not be right for you at the time, such as the post-workout Surge Recovery drink, which is made for those exercises brutally hard. Since you’re just getting back into it, your workouts just may not need that kind of firepower just yet. It’s made for after intense weight training. Also, HOT-ROX would be something you’d have to run by your doc, who would probably say no. (You can also view the warning label at the Biotest store.)

However, I’d be glad to help you out. You’re on the right track already: walking daily and adding a little more when you can. The rebounder is fine too. Right now we’re just seeking movement and activity.

And you can use the Metabolic Drive shakes as meal replacements. The Superfood and Flameout would also be great for you.

My tip would be to ease into the plan, having one HSM (healthy solid meal) per day as outlined in the diet (just go through the tabs here online.) Cut out all wheat and milk as well. The rest of your meals, just have the shakes. And you can skip the flax and nut butter parts since you’ll have a solid meal daily.

A good trainer could get you on a resistance training plan that best suits your needs. The V-Diet plan may not fit right now, at least not all of it.

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