Am I on the Right Track?

Hey Chris.

I’ve been lifting and eating properly for around 2.5 months now. I wanted a proffesionel opinion on how I’m doing, so I thought I could ask you.

I follow a 2 split program, doing 4 sets x 6-8 reps for each exercise.
Monday/Thursday - Chest/Triceps/Shoulders
Decline benchpress
Dumbell flies
Dumbell shoulder press
Dumbell lateral raises

Tuseday/Friday - Back/Biceps/Legs
Bent over dumbell rows
Lat pulldowns
Sitting rows
Dumbell curls
Calf raises

For progression, I start off by lifting what I can with 6 reps. When I then can do the given exercise with the given weight 8 reps, I up the weight a bit, and lower the amount of reps to 6. Repeat.

I’m not eating 100% clean yet, but I’m working on it. I’m trying to hit my macros everyday, and get around 2.3k calories. My goal is to gain muscle and get bigger. My diet consists mainly of tuna, ryebread, oatmeal with milk, protein powder, chicken, rice, pasta, different kinds of meat, almonds, different kinds of nuts, apples, banannas, and other sorts of fruits. Any tips on that?

Some before and after pics if needed:
From the first and to the other ones, 2.5 months passed.

Sorry for the long post. I hope you can give me some critique.

Thank you so much!

I’d suggest you adopt one of the many training plans found in the archives of this site. Anything by Thibaudeau or Meadows.

For diet, get rid of milk and wheat, then consume about 800 calories over your maintenance level. The most important thing is getting your workout nutrition right. Use Anaconda and MAG-10, as per label directions.

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