Am I Doing This Right?


Hey Chris, I have a quick question…well 2 actually. Here is how my V-Diet day is broken down around my 7 a.m. workouts…

Wake up-2 scoops Metabolic Drive/1 serving flaxseed/1 scoop leucine/1 scoop superfood/1 capsule Flameout/1 fiber choice sugar free tablet

1 hour later-Pre workout-spike sugar-free energy drink
Post workout-2 scoops Surge

Roughly 2 hours later-lunch (another shake according to my V-Diet directions for lunch)

Am i doing this correctly timing wise?

Also my second question is…why the lack of protein in Surge? I just read an article on T-Nation that talked about the importance of whey hydrosolate with my simple carbs after workout. Just curious as to why none in Surge? Should I be combining Surge with another shake? I just wanna make sure I’m doing this right!

  1. That sounds fine.

  2. It’s about amino acids, not just grams of protein, which aren’t reflected in the count. Surge Recovery is packed to the rim with them. It’s all you need.


Awesome man. Thank you so much