Am I Doing Ok?

Okay so I’m a Freshmen in high school and my Maxes for the big three are below. So are they good or bad?
Bench: 215
Squat: 345
Deadlift: 315

Height and weight?

If you’re 130 lb then those numbers would be awesome, less so if you’re 300 lb. Bit more context would be very useful.

I’m 165 lbs and 6’1/2"

I suggest checking out some articles by Dan John in our archives. He’s the expert on standards using the basic lifts.

But honesty, you should focus on progress for YOU, not just comparing yourself to others. There are dozens of factors that affect how good you’ll be at certain lifts, like arm and leg length, frame, etc. Plus we have no idea if your form is any good on those lifts or if you’re squatting down two inches instead of at least parallel. Focus on progression and you’ll hit respectable numbers soon enough.

Better yet, join the school’s powerlifting team and you’ll quickly see where you stand compared to others your age.

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