Am I a Candidate for the V-Diet?

Well I used to weigh 192 afew months ago, got to 180 fairly fast, then have slowly gone to 170.

Most of my body is pretty lean right now, except there is still quite abit of considerable fat on my stomach, and abit on my lower back. I still think im carrying around 10lbs extra fat on my stomach. Im in fairly good shape right now but i still feel the fat residue is bringing down my cardiovascular ability.

I really need to get the remaining fat off as i need it gone for basketball as well. I lift about 5 times a week and have a good diet too but my stomach seems to have stopped improving and i honestly think it would take me about a year of my current path to rid of it. Its really weighing me down mentally as well seeing the great progress everywhere, seeing my lifts going up, but then just looking at my stomach brings me down.

Now my Question is, at 6’2 170lbs would i be a candidate for this or am i out of my mind. Thanks in advance.

Out of your mind.

well let me rephrase my question then, all things aside, for someone who is around 12% body fat and not overweight/obese, would this be a good diet to get into the single digits

At that height and weight you have little lean mass to begin with, what do you hope to achieve by getting to single digit body fat?

You would have far more benefit spending 12 weeks on Chad Waterbury’s 10x10 program if you are wanting to improve overall body composition.

ok thanks for your input addiction, iv decided it would be too extreme to go through with this diet.

I have a great workout plan right now and ill keep following it and may the stomach come whenever :P. My goal is to have my big 3 = 900 in 1 year at 170lbs. Im not like most people in these forums that wants to go to 250 to improve their strenth, i want to come close to maxing my strenth for my weight so people dont really understand me here lol. anyways im off

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