Alternative Workout?

Would this be a decent templete for someone who wants to resume powerlifting after the V-Diet? I know what is reccomended but if this one is acceptable I would prefer it.

A1) Hang Cleans 4-6 X 4-6
A2) DB Bench 4-6 X 4-6

B1) BB Back Squats 4-6 X 4-6
B2) Weighted Chin-ups 4-6 X 4-6

C1) Close-grip Bench Press 4 sets x 8-12
C2) shrugs 2 sets x 8-12

A1) Weighted Dips 4-6 X 4-6
A2) DB Rows 4-6 X 4-6

B1) BB Deadlift 4-6 X 4-6
B2) Standing DB Press 4-6 X 4-6

C1) Close-grip Chin-ups 4 sets x 8-12 (may need jump stretch bands for assistance)
C2) extensions 2 sets x 8-12 (each)

A1) Front Squats 4-6 X 4-6
A2) Weighted Pull-ups 4-6 X 4-6

B1) Incline BB Press 4-6 X 4-6
B2) BB Good Mornings 4-6 X 4-6

C1) BB Upright rows 4 sets x 8-12
C2) Curls 2 sets x 8-12 (each

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