Alternative to Lat Pulldown


Hey my gym does not have the machine for a lat pulldown in the begginers workout is there a good alternative for that? Thanks




[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:

Usually it’s the other way around. People don’t want to do pull-ups because they are “too hard” so they only do lat pulldowns. If the choice is between pull ups or lat pulldowns for a general fitness / beginner workout program, pull ups win - hands down.

If your strength prevents you from doing pull ups, then perhaps you have a pull-up assist machine. You could also try using bands if you have access to them.


Hey thanks man i was gonna try to see if they have an assist machine…ill let you know today how taht goes


I prefer band-assisted pull-ups to machines. The set up looks like this or similar.


o wow that looks interesting i will try it! probably way better


OP, you can also do a progression to work up to full pull-ups. For example start with top position holds- jump up to the position where the bar touches your chest and hold for a few seconds. Once you can hold this long enough, you can start to lower down to just before the breaking point and then pull back up.

The breaking point is where you lose the ability to pull back up. With a commitment to doing this type of stuff a few times a week, if not every day and a steady progression, you should be hitting full pull-ups and hopefully acheiving your strength goals for vertical pulling.

When doing this myself, I had to really check my ego. I was the guy doing single pull-ups with a 2 minute rest in-between for a few sessions in the gym until I could do sets of 2, then 3, etc…
Hope you get where you want to go with this!


Hey thanks for your input techno i will probably to try integrate both of these into my workouts…