Alternative Exercises


Hi all,

About to start the diet!
My gym just removed all dumbbells that I would be using, I was wondering if there were other exercises I could be doing (maybe using the squat rack)?
Thanks - excited to begin the journey!



Why would they do that? Geez.

Which program are you doing (beginner, intermediate, advanced)? Did you have any specific exercises in mind that you need to swap out?

In general, you’d just do the next-closest alternative, so incline bench press instead of incline dumbbell press, etc. But dumbbells require a bit less recovery, so if you’re only using barbells all the time, just expect the workouts to be tougher than usual (not that that’s a bad thing necessarily).


Hi Chris,

thanks for getting back to me. I’m doing beginner’s stuff and actually happy to challenge myself more!

I guess the main concern was around the dumbbell squat vs a regular barbell one (note I use a squat rack).

Another question I had was around the diet - just curious how the diet seems to be the same for all weights (only differentiating between sex/training day).

What’s the rationale for that? I would think that a bigger, stronger guy would need more nutrients than myself.

Thanks again!