Alternative Exercises for Back Problems

Not trying to be a Wuss… but I can’t physically do some of the exercises because of lower back disc problems.
It’s not a matter of pushing through the pain… if I reinjure my back i will need to have surgery again. Nothing is woth that.

These are the exercises that I CAN’T DO

A Dumbbell Squat - Can’t do
C Bent-Over Row â?? barbell or dumbbells Can’t do

A Romanian deadlift - Can’t do

A Deadlift â?? sumo stance Can’t do

A1 Body-Weight Squat
A2 Hand Walkout â?? from knees
A3 Single-Leg Deadlift
A6 Reverse Lunge â?? overhead reach
A8 Mountain Climber

Does anyone have any suggestions for alternate exercises?


For the bent over row, try putting one foot forward. I’ve found that is easier on the lower back.

I’m not sure about the other ones. That sunday issue looks like a bulk of the vburn.


you should be mastering these right now. these should be your shit

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