Al's V-Diet Log

OK. This is actually a little late as I’ve just come to the end of the 1st week, but I think this will help to keep motivation and focus. I also took only basic measurements at the beginning as I didn’t find this forum until after I’d started. Will post pics soon.

My starting stats on 5/7/08 compared to my 1st weigh in today:

Waist 35.7 - 34.5 (-1.2)
Chest 39.7 - 38.7 (-1)
Bicep L 13.7 - 13.5 (0.2)
Bicep R 13.6 - 13.4 (-0.2)
Thigh L 22.9 - 22.3 (-0.6)
Thigh R 22.9 22.5 (-0.4)
Weight 192 - 187 (-5)

So in all plenty of progress. 5 pounds of weight loss in a week is a lot more than any other diet plan I’ve been on. I do have moments when I’m so bored of Metabolic Drive! The thought of having ANOTHER protein shake is very tough at times. But then I keep thinking 28 days is nothing once I’m looking back on it.
Bring on week 2!

Any support from others going through or who have gone through this challenge is well appreciated of course!

No matter how hard it seems it works and its worth it. Try finding some spices or flavours for the shakes, like mint, cinnimon, coffee, etc. It will make them seem different.

Thanks for that. I’m going to go tomorrow and see what I can find in the way of flavourings. I know I will be so full of achievement once it’s over. I think it’s more the psychological aspect when you see all the variety that is around you and your eating the same thing every meal!

I shouldn’t complain, people are starving in the world! One thing that really hit me last night was when I had my 1st HSM. The taste of itwas so much more intense than normal, all the flavours hit me, and I felt full after only a relatively small amount.

All good signs I think!

Well, down to 185.5 lbs today. This morning I had an easier feeling of acceptance that I just drink protein sheakes and I don’t think about it. It’s in the evenings when the temptation arrives. But I will not quit!!

Day 10 tomorrow so I’m nearly into double figures.

I bought some food essence flavourings to go with my sheakes today: coffee, orange & lemon, have tried the orange in the chocolate Metabolic Drive, really nice like a choclate orange (unsuprisingly!)

Was my lifting day today, I felt a lot stronger in the gym than last time and my NEPA was a bike ride for a change. I feel very tired in the evenings and am usually in bed by 10.30!

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