Alpha Male®

Luider asks:

Can the Alpha Male® be taken alone or does it need a post or what? What’s it best stacked with etc.?

If you mean like post-cycle therapy, definitely not. It’s a supplement that basically tells your body to produce more Testosterone naturally, so your body is better able to handle the increase. Introducing Testosterone from an external source (like when Test is injected) is what messes with hormone regulation and requires PCT to avoid side effects.

It’s designed to work great on its own, but stacking it with Rez-V is probably the most common and effective choice. Rez-V can further boost Test levels and acts as a natural anti-estrogen, so it’s very complementary to Alpha Male.

Any known contraindications with Alpha Male and other herbs like ashwaganda? I used ashwaganda to help reduce my stress. Appreciate any feedback.

Nope. Nothing I’ve heard of or that I can think of.

I’m pretty sure it’s unlikely for herbs to interact with each other, especially when they don’t have similar effects. If anything, it’s more important to make sure they don’t interact with medications you may be taking, and watch for how vitamins/minerals may interact with each other (sometimes competing for absorption, for example).

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