Alpha Male with HotRox

Hey Guys,

I think I may have originally posted in the wrong Forum. My question is: I am starting Alpha Male in a few days, but am also about half/two-thirds a way through a bottle of Hot Rox. Are they ok to use together?
Also, what can I expect as a first time Alpha Male (any “T” supplement, actually) user: side effects, mood changes, positive and/or negative behaviors, etc…

Thakns in advance for taking a little time.

A mod may comment differently, but if I remember correctly, best not to take them together, because they both have a full dose of Carbolin-19. If you’re 2/3 done with the HOT ROX, finish out the HOT ROX first, then start with Alpha Male. OR, you could take HOT ROX in the morning, and Alpha Male in the afternoon, and when HOT ROX is done you can take Alpha Male in the AM and PM. But, I don’t think you should take Alpha Male and HOT ROX together at the same time.

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