Alpha Male® vs Tribex®

trldg asks:

Why should one choose one supplement over the other?

I’m guessing budget constraints would be a primary factor in determining between the two.

Alpha Male contains the same tribulus as Tribex, plus additional ingredients to make it a multidimensional testosterone booster.

But of course if you’re trying to cover your workout nutrition, protein supplements, and other general health products, and still want a solid testosterone booster, Tribex is there too.

It’s the difference between a straight-forward single-ingredient supplement that does its job very well and a more comprehensive formula that does its job even better.

Tribex has been around for years and is a potent natural Testosterone booster on its own.

Alpha Male contains Tribex, so you’re getting that plus other ingredients for a synergistic effect to increase Test and get some natural anti-estrogen effects.

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