Alpha Male Vs. TRIBEX?

Chris, I ordered 3 bottles of TRIBEX but now think I should return 2 and go w/ the Alpha Male. Still not sure of the differences, is the Alpha Male just more powerful due to the extra ingredients? I am also on Carbolin-19. Also can you give me some insight on taking 1 or 2/ serving?


I would like to see an answer to this question as well. Currently debating what to buy next month regarding supps and want to get the most out of my money. I’ll be interested to see what advice you get in terms of dosage.

Do you need T-boosters? 24 is kinda young…

<a href=""target=“new”>Alpha Male contains Tribulus terrestris, Vitex, Eurycoma, and Carbolin 19.

<a href=""target=“new”>Tribex contains Tribulus terrestris and Vitex agnus castus.

Alpha Male is the more powerful of the two given it’s two extra ingredients, and therefore it does cost a little more.

You can read about each of those ingredients by clicking the links above.

For serving info, simply follow the label. Some start with a minimal serving then increase to maximal, while others just jump to maximal. It’s up to you.

[quote]steveffcft wrote:
Do you need T-boosters? 24 is kinda young… [/quote]

I certainly don’t need them, no. Not to my knowledge at least–I’ve never gotten T levels checked :confused:

I tried Alpha Male over the summer and enjoyed the results, though I’m sure most of it was due to proper nutrition and strength training almost daily. I have been thinking of trying Tribulus again, for like 5 weeks or so. All my buddies keep talking about DAA, but I don’t know, I liked Biotest’s tribulus extract.

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