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David asks:

I just wanted to find out a bit about the Alpha Male®. Is it 100% safe and how long should you take it for? Will you need to do a pct after using? Will you get the same results as Anavar?

Alpha Male is completely safe. I’ve been using it as per the label instructions for several years, off and on. You don’t need any PCT, as it is a natural testosterone booster.

With most supplements, taking a one to two week break after 12 weeks or so isn’t a bad idea. But you could continue to use Alpha Male indefinitely provided you follow the cycling instructions.

I’ve never used Anavar, or any other steroid, so I can’t comment on that. But I can comment on not having to stress about side effects - it’s nice!

It’s safe when used as recommended. Guys under 18, and women, shouldn’t take it. And as long as the weekly cycle is followed (5 days on, 2 off), you can stay on it pretty long term. Like sbt said, a 12-week on, 1-2 off is usually recommended for most supplements, so that’s a solid approach in general, but the most important and effective approach with Alpha Male is to stick to the 5 day/2 day cycle.

There’s no need for PCT because it’s not an external source of Testosterone (which would require PCT to return Test levels back to normal). Alpha Male basically tells your body to make more Test on its own, but you never exceed maximum natural Test production.

It has nothing to do with Anavar, prohormones, or other steroids, but you might be thinking of forskolin (which is one of the ingredients in Alpha Male), which was compared to Anavar in a study. That study did show better muscle building and fat loss results with forskolin.

New to the forum so apologies if I should post this separately. In August I took a product called Spartan Mass. Pretty good. I noticed a difference but it is time for something new. A little backstory. I used to be pretty big until a I had a little run-in with esophageal cancer. The fix for that was rebuilding my lower esophagus and bottom line I couldn’t lift for almost 3 years. Been cancer clear for 2 years now and have been back lifting for about 9 months. I have made a lot of progress but one of the side effects of my surgery is that my belly distends - not as much as most men of my age - but it does because they rebuilt the valve at the top of the stomach so essentially no air can escape and I bloat as the day goes on. It bugs me, because I have brought everything back into shape (not the size I once had but hey, first things first). So consequently I watch everything I eat as even a bit of cheating makes the stomach grow.

Ok, here is my question. Was looking at the Carbolin 19 as something that would help with keeping lean but allow me to grow some. I then took at look at your Alpha Male, which seems to have a ton of forskolin in it as well. Since I would like to add mass but keep the lean, is Alpha Male the better choice at this point?

Sorry this was so long. Had to give a bit of backstory.

With that statement, and considering T levels decline as we age, I would opt to give Alpha Male a go.

I am hopeful that you can help me select the best supplement / supplement stack for my needs and goals.

I am 54 years old and have been training for many, many years. I recently lost 30 lbs. over a 5 month period. I did this my focusing on my nutrition, increasing quality fats, and cycling my carbs. I am currently 183 lbs. and 6’ 1” and about 7% body-fat.
But I still want to get leaner and harder. I still have a small amount of body-fat right around my navel.
Because of the location of the fat, I feel it could be estrogen related.
I am looking for the correct combination of T-booster, estrogen inhibiting, and / or hardening compound.
Alpha Male + Rez-V?
Alpha Male + Carbolin 19?
Also, best timing protocol for your recommended supplementation.

Your recommendation and insight is very much appreciated!
Thank you,

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