Alpha Male, Rez-V, and Age


I am wondering what age should someone actually see benefits from Alpha Male/Rez-V? You always read about teenage kids trying T boosters or other things when their levels are already naturally at their highest!


First, keep in mind that supplements like <a href=""target=“new”>Alpha Male are made for those 18 and over. (See label.)

Now, to answer your question, it’s not so much the age of the person involved but their starting levels of testosterone or levels of estrogen. Those will lower T will notice the effects of <a href=""target=“new”>Alpha Male more than those who have higher T.

The same can be said of estrogen. <a href=""target=“new”>Rez-V can lower it and/or keep it in check for those who have higher levels, and those men will notice this effect more than those who have fairly normal levels of estrogen.

The supplements are working in both cases, but obviously the person with low-normal T is going to see a more pronounced effect after 4 weeks with Alpha Male than the person whose T was naturally higher to begin with.

Generally speaking, most younger men probably don’t need a T-booster and their supplement money is better spent filling other gaps in their nutrition or on workout nutrition supplements used around training sessions.

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