Alpha Male Restock?


Any timeframe on when A.M. will be back on the shelf?

I have not used it before, curious how many bottles would be advised to purchase if taking the maximum recommended dosage and applying the “best results use for at least 4 weeks” model?

Looks like 1 bottle would be 18.5 Servings, and on a “5 on/2 off” cycle that would be 3 servings short of 2 full weeks of dosage. Is my math correct is estimating an 8 week cycle would require 5 bottles? Is 8 Weeks enough time to really benefit, or is it better to do 12-16 weeks?



Nope. There’s definitely a math problem in there. One bottle is: 74 tablets… 37 servings of 2 tablets… 18(.5) servings of 4 tablets. At 4 tablets a day (2 pills taken twice a day), one bottle is basically 18 days of use.

At 5 days on/2 days off, one bottle will last 3 and a half weeks. Two bottle will get you past 6 weeks and that should be plenty of time to see some difference depending on your current Test levels. To run it for 8 weeks, 3 bottles would be enough with some to spare. If you’re doing before/after bloodwork on your own, 8 weeks should be plenty of time.

Looking at another couple of weeks. Tribex is the next-best choice, as it’s one of the ingredients used in Alpha Male. So that would be a solid option in the meantime.


I appreciate the fast response and the info. I see where I goofed up on the math, always good to have a second set of eyes on things. Thanks again.