Alpha Male or Carbolin 19 and Rez-V?

I’m looking to take less stuff (to help financially) and was looking into Alpha Male. Right now I take Flameout, vitamin c, Indigo-3G​, Rez-V and Can 19. I know Alpha Male has Carbolin 19 in it so I was thinking I could just start taking Alpha Male and instead of Carbolin 19 and Rez-V. I like Rez-V​ cause of the anti-estrogen compound it has. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Ultimately it’ll depend on you and how much you’re comfortable with putting into your supplements. Rez-V is a great one, it’s become a staple for me, I wouldn’t stop taking it. Unless you’re trying to get some effects from Alpha Male you can’t get from the others, if it was me personally, I’d choose Carbolin 19 and Rez-V (I currently take both!)

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