Alpha Male + Estro Control


I am assuming that if AM actually increases T in any measurable way, there is obviously the risk of aromatization. Should it be taken with Rez-V and/or a DIM product? What is the dosing/timing protocol for the estrogen control products? Does it negatively impact Plazma, Indigo, Micro-PA, etc?


Nope, Alpha Male stimulates natural Test production. It’s not an exogenous source of Test, so there’s no estrogen issue.

It’s not necessary, but Rez-V and Alpha Male is a popular T-boosting stack.

It’s unrelated with no overlap and can be taken with all of those.


Is there a logical time to take Alpha Male or Rez-V if I am already taking Indigo-3G, Micro-PA, and Plazma? The bottle says take on an empty stomach- can I take it with a morning dose of Mag-10? Or does it need to be alone? How long after a solid food meal? Can I take it with Micro-PA? Thanks.


You can take Alpha Male at anytime. It won’t interfere with anything else. And that includes washing them down with Mag-10. I wouldn’t stress about trying to take them on a truly empty stomach. Maybe just avoid taking them with a meal containing two whole bags of broccoli.

With Rez-V, I take mine several hours before/after Indigo-3G. I don’t think there is any big risk of it blunting Indigo-3G’s absorption, but it gives my mind peace.


So I can take Alpha Male at the same time as Micro-PA, which is half an hour before Indigo-3G, etc?


Yup. No problem there. :+1: