Alpha Male - Effect on Natural T?

Two questions, really.

First - could taking Alpha Male on a regular basis (2x per day, as recommended) have any impact on the body’s natural production of T? If so, is that effect permanent or temporary? In other words, would I more or less be dependent on Alpha Male as a supplement the rest of my life? I’m 51, so that may be the reality I’m already dealing with, but I’d still like to know if the long-term effect on natural production is known.

Second - I read in one of the other posts that it probably takes about 4 weeks to notice any impact from taking Alpha Male regularly (depending on the lifter’s starting levels of T; assume they’re taking it 2x per day). Is that about right?


Absolutely, and it’s relatively easy to measure via bloodwork. Personally, at 41 years old, my total Test increased about 45% after several months on Alpha Male and Rez-V. I was clinically low/below normal and could’ve qualified for TRT. The supplement stack brought me up into low-normal levels.

It’s something you can take for the long-term (following the 5 on/2 off guideline) and benefit from continuously. You’d be “dependent” on it as much as you could be “dependent” on fish oil, vitamin D, or creatine. Take the supp, reap the benefits… stop the supp, cease the benefits.

Yep. 4 weeks, as recommended on the label, lets it get into your system so your body can “register” the effects and kick T production into action.

Blood work is a great idea! Thanks for the info. I’ll give it a shot.

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