Alpha Male Availability?


The reasoning for the reformulation makes sense but I still don’t think that fully answers the question.

There are really only 3 reasons why the price wouldn’t change if there is one less (i.e. -25% less) primary ingredient:

  1. The wholesale costs of all the ingredients (or cost of production process) went up so we’re seeing that pass through
  2. Mix: The relative mix of ingredients changed. In this case, one of the higher cost ingredients now makes up a larger share of the total formulation & takes price up
  3. Biotest is just leaving the price the same and capturing the extra margin.

Its fine if the answer is (at least in part) #3 - but just say that. I will probably use the product anyway b/c if it compares to the old formula the value (to me) is still > price.


Christian, without getting into specifics, I can confirm that the materials costs have gone up in this product. Also, the product was reformulated and didn’t just have the Vitex removed. The other ingredients in Alpha Male were adjusted to create what we believe to be a superior product.

Please let us know your thoughts on Alpha Male after you have had a chance to use it.


Jared - Thanks for the incremental.

“We dropped 1/4 of the primary ingredients but kinda/nonspecifically tweaked the formula without any major additions …so, same price” (paraphrased) was kind of a weak answer … particularly for the informed and engaged community biotest has explicitly made efforts to cultivate.

I got my order today actually & will give it a run.



I have used Alpha Male off and on for years, so I feel confident in saying that I haven’t noticed a drop off in efficacy.

If anything, the new formula feels more potent. I have a three-month old baby keeping me awake at all hours, yet even under this high level of stress and sleep deprivation, I feel rather, well, I guess potent is the right word again.


I see alpha male is not available?Anybody know when is it going to be available again?