Alpha Male Availability?


Hello I have been waiting patiently for a while now and everytime I call they keep saying 8-10 weeks and it has been 6-8 weeks.Anybody else getting the same answer or any other info,thanks in advance.


Any update on this? This has been OOS forever.


I guess that’s a no on the update. Between this and the Surge Workout Fuel a few months ago, I guess I should just give up on being able to get all of my supplements in 1 order. I have a sneaking suspicion that when this is back in stock Rez-V will go OOS.


I still hear it’s 8-10 weeks for Alpha Male. Not sure what the issue is. Tribex is still the next best bet for a Test booster in the meantime.


Can we get an updated timeline? Im not restocking anything else until I can get it all at once.


There’s free shipping across the US, so you could actually restock whatever else you need in the meantime and plan to order Alpha Male when it comes back in without having to pay extra.


True…however, if I was able to purchase all of my supplements at once (rather than piece meal it) I’d get an additional 5% off of my order.


Any recent updates on this? Probably just bad timing for me but without Alpha Male or Tribex on the shelf I don’t really have a lot of options for this category. I have half a bottle left. Thanks for any recent info that may be available.


We are on week 6 from the last update. Any insight?


it feels like its been out of stock for months. any updates??


This product is now out of stock due to reformulation.


Yes, it’s been 6+ months. Let’s hope it’s not an ingredient supply issue. Hopefully, the reformulation is even better and it will be worth the wait.


I was told 2weeks ago that it was going to be available last week and still have not received email notification saying available?


I just double-checked and it should be 1-2 more weeks. As the updated Alpha Male page says, the formula was completely reworked.

It’s unfortunately taking longer than expected to restock the shelves, but it’s necessary to avoid running out of stock with the new batch too quickly.


I just ordered my Alpha Male for the first time I also ordered Rez-V to go along with it. thank you Biotest. looking forward to trying it out.


It’s back. Hell yeah. Pretty excited to get a hold of the new formula.


just got 2 new bottles of the new Alpha Male and im sitting here comparing the supplement facts on a new bottle to an old bottle from “about a year ago”. a few things stood out to me so i wonder if im wrong/missing something?

1st- the “old Alpha Male” had 1130mg worth of Alpha Male formula ,the “new Alpha Male” has only 620 mg worth Alpha Male formula in it,that is almost half has much of what the old Alpha Male had, half!so where is the improvement?same price but getting less for our $,so unless im missing something?something is wrong.

2nd- my old Alpha Male bottle that i got like a year ago has an expiration date of 6-18,my new bottle has an expiration date of 7/ does a “new product” made over a year later expire in only one more months time?

i get that vitex is not longer in Alpha Male but are we really paying for 1/2 of the product?


@payton34, in case you haven’t already, you can read about the new Alpha Male formula at the link below.

Also, with the complete removal of one ingredient, naturally the total milligrams will go down.

With regard to the shelf life, it has been changed from three years to two years.

Hope this helps!


ty for the reply but im still not seeing on where Alpha Male has been “improved”?like i said i know vitex has been removed but what has taking its place?

im not seeing where the amount of Tribulus,Eurycoma or Forskolin has been increased?has it?by how much?

like i said were paying the same amount of $ for a product that has close to half the mg/ ingredients in it as the old Alpha Male.

ty for the info on the shelf life


@payton34, with the removal of Vitex, there have been no additional ingredients added to the new Alpha Male formula. However, tweaks were made to the core ingredients of Tribulus, Eurycoma, and Forskolin Carbonate to improve the overall effect.

Since Alpha Male is a proprietary formula, there has never been a breakdown printed on the label giving the exact amounts of each ingredient. This is a common practice within the supplement industry to protect effective formulas. With that said, it is kinda like the Coke recipe; we’d rather not give the competition a leg up by disclosing the exact ratio of ingredients.

With Vitex being available in average doses of 500mg, and it no longer being included in the Alpha Male formula, you really aren’t getting half the milligrams with the new Alpha Male compared to the old. Plus, every ingredient has a different effective dosage range – 5mg of one ingredient could be just as effective as 750mg of another.

Hope this helps!