Alpha Male and Rez-V Cycling


I’ve been taking Alpha Male and Rez-V for a few months now, and am wondering if I should be cycling off my usage. I like the results and feelings, but I understand with higher levels of testosterone supplementing your body can naturally stop producing its own testosterone. Does the same concern apply to using these two products together?


That only happens when you take actual Testosterone, like TRT or steroids. Alpha Male essentially tells your body to produce more Test on its own, so your natural production never turns off.

Rez-V and Alpha Male are a great combo together. Rez-V has natural anti-estrogenic properties which can amplify Alpha Male’s effects. As long as you stick to the suggested Alpha Male dosing schedule (5 days on, 2 off. To avoid your body getting accustomed to the effects), you don’t need to cycle off. Rez-V can be taken every day.


Thank you, Chris. This was most helpful!