Alpha Male and Insights

i was reading the Insights and Alpha Male article on t-nation ( ). I already purchased the Biotest Alpha Male and Biotest ZMA, and i was wondering how much vit d and fish oil am I suppose to use and when in conjunction with the alpha male and zma to maximize results?
thank you

Flameout, I’d start with the label rec. 4 caps a day, with a meal. You can take more depending on how you feel. For example, it’s not uncommon for some people to take 4 caps 2 or 3 times a day (8-12 caps total) if they have joint problems. I sometimes do something like that when my knees act up.

Vitamin D can sort of depend on if you’re deficient (a basic blood test from the doc can determine that), but most people are anyway so even that doesn’t matter a ton. Anywhere from 1,000-4,000iu/day, with a meal, can be a good place to start. This article talks all about Vitamin D.

thanks Chris!

Can you please clarify “on an empty stomach”, if I take first thing in the morning and then down some coffee before I head to the gym, will that be a problem?

Thank you

No problems there. You’re good, @mann77.

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