Alpha Male® and Carbolin 19®

Cosimo asks:

If I take Alpha Male® 2 pills 2x/day can/should I add Carbolin 19® as well, even though it’s in the formula. I’m also thinking of getting Indigo 3G® and Micro-PA®.

There’s no need to take Carbolin 19 while using Alpha Male.

Some people take Carbolin 19 on the days that they aren’t using Alpha Male (following the cycling recommendations for Alpha Male), but you shouldn’t use them both on the same day.

Micro-PA and Indigo-3G are excellent products. What is your current goal?

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Yeah, like SBT said, they can be used “together”, but not on the same day. The most common way to stack them is to use the Alpha Male as directed (5 days on, 2 days off) and only take Carbolin 19 on those two days.

Either or both of those can be added in, no problem. But I’d make sure your workout nutrition is in place first.

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