Alpha-GPC: Pre-Training or Pre-Bed?

I used Alpha-GPC some time ago and didn’t notice much of an effect. However, I like to go back and try things again after a good break just to make sure I didn’t “miss” something earlier.

Now that Alpha-GPC has been around for quite some time, do people prefer to use it:

  1. Pre-workout for the increased focus and neural drive (performance), or

  2. Pre-bed for increased sleep quality and recovery

Let me know your thoughts and experience,



Well, I ordered some Alpha-GPC but it didn’t arrive in time for me to use it pre-training on Sat., so I used it before bed Sat night. Actually I didn’t get to sleep until 4:00am (I play poker 1 or 2 times a week to make extra scratch for all these goodies). Usually when this happens I just don’t sleep well, and I’m lucky to be able to sleep 5 or 6 hrs. Well, I slept 7 1/2 hrs. and woke up feeling great! I almost always feel like crap the next day when I stay up very late the night before.

So, I’m thinking I’ve used Alpha-GPC “wrong” in the past. The effects this way seem so much more noticeable.


Most people use <a href=""target=“new”>Alpha GPC Fast-Acting Shot pre-workout to increase explosive power, double GH production post-training, and enhance cognition.

The most common mistake is probably not taking it early enough. It’s best used 90 minute pre-workout.

Thanks, Chris. Yeah, that’s how I used to use it–pre-training. However, as I said, the effects seem (to me, anyway) far more pronounced using it pre-bed. The recovery enhancement seems to trump the performance enhancement.

I was looking back through old posts about Alpha-GPC and noticed that it was very hit-and-miss with people using it pre-training–some really noticed a performance increase, and others nothing. However, almost everyone who used it pre-bed seemed to have gotten a significant increase in the quality of sleep and recovery.


Well, I did some experimenting today and took my Alpha-GPC 2hrs. before my workout. What a difference! I really felt the extra explosive power form it this time–I added 20lbs. to my dead/squat (475lbs–not too bad for a 51yo guy).

I was taking it 1.5 hrs. before my training along with my Indigo and a 200mg. caffeine pill. The extra 1/2 hr. on an “empty” stomach seems to have really done the trick for me.


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