Alpha GPC + Powerdrive

I’ve used the search and read some posts regarding Alpha GPC vs. Powerdrive in the past.

My question is: Is anyone currently using both?

I have been doing Christian Thibaudeau’s Russian program since it came out. I love it and want a boost as I’m trying to capitalize on my renewed motivation.

I currently use either 1 Spike or 1 HOT-ROX capsule preworkout and use 2 scoops of Plazma pre and peri. I know the Alpha GPC will give power when doing the singles, but am curious about the added effect of powerdrive.

To anyone that is burned out on your programming incidentally, Thibaudeau’s program is a great winter workout!

We’ve heard of many people use both concurrently. Doesn’t seem to be an issue since they work via different mechanisms of action.

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