Almond Flour Brand


What brand almond flour do you use? I got Bob’s Red Mill, but it says almond flour/meal.

I made some breakfast bread using your bread recipe as the base. I added some Splenda brown sugar, cinnamon extract & spice, and some vanilla extract. It was good, but a little chewy. I was wondering if there was a smoother brand.


First, make sure you’re getting blanched – that means the skins are removed. Always works better for cooking.

Second, I’ve heard from one almond-flour recipe expert that Bob’s Red Mill sucks for almond flour. She tells her readers not to use it for her recipes or she can’t guarantee success with them. Not sure why exactly; most of their other products seem okay.

I use this stuff:


That Red Mill stuff is pretty chewy, but the whole family is enjoying the breakfast bread, so that’s good. I can’t wait to try the bread with a better flour.


I’ve loved Honeyville so far. I buy it in 25lb increments and ordered one of their white buckets for storing it. The 25lbs of almond flour lasted me about 3 months of regular use. I don’t know how normal I am but at $4.50 a pound, it is a lot cheaper than most other sizes and companies. All the recipes have turned out as stated so I’m a very happy customer. Not sure if the sale is going on still but inputing ROSEBUD as a promo code got me 10% off.

p.s. the bucket won’t hold the whole 25lbs so I use my spare Biotest containers (and coffee cans).