Almond Alternative?


Greetings all,

I am trying to lose weight and some of my friends suggested Almonds as a excellent choice for midday snack ect. the only problem is that when I eat almonds I have an allergic reaction to it. So I was wondering if you had any suggestions of suitable nut alternatives (similar protein/carb/fat content) to almonds. Any help is appreciated.


try cashes, macadaemeia (excuse the spelling) etc…


Walnuts are good, highest omega 3s of any nut


First, make sure it’s the almonds and not something the almonds are doused with or roasted with.

But if raw almonds affect you negatively, then the above suggestions are good. Walnuts are awesome, as are macadamias. Cashews can be a little tricky, much like peanuts, which are of course legumes and not “true” nuts.


Awesome! I’ll look into the raw almonds. Thanks to all for the suggestions.