Allergies and Injury

I am planning on starting this diet in the next couple of days. I am a college baseball player coming back from Tommy John Surgery. I have some restrictions in some things i can do in the gym. Will this hold me back from achieving my desired results?

I also have allergies to nuts and fish. Are all the supplements safe to take?

Thank you

One of the components of the V-Diet is Flameout, a highly-concentrated fish oil supplement. See the allergy warnings on the other products to be sure.

As for the workouts, as long as you can work around the injury, the V-Diet can still work for you. However, the use of Surge Recovery (the post-workout drink) assumes that it was a kick-butt workout. It may not be needed if the workouts are “easy.”

How can I replace Flameout if I can’t take it?

I’ve seen a lot of Nut Butter in some of the shakes. Is their a substitute for that?

Does coconut count for a nut allergy? If not, use a spoonful in place of the nut butter. If that doesn’t work for the allergy, maybe flax oil will? Most healthy fat oils/blends will contain these.

Metabolic Drive says that it contains hazelnuts but it is not listed in the ingredients. Is this a “may contain” or is it directly in the product?

You may want to contact Biotest customer service with that question. I’d hate to tell you incorrectly:

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