OK, I am wrapping up Day 4 of V-Diet, and already learning a lot about how it works for me. Log starts here.

(stats before breakfast of day 1)
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 187
Waist: 35" snug

I’ve tracked meals and exercise in exacting detail on a spreadsheet (well, it’s pretty easy on this diet, isn’t it?). I will only take body measurement once per week.

I am fairly lean, except for midsection, so I am not expecting massive changes from this diet. I just want to lose an inch or two from the waist without losing muscle. I normally eat pretty clean, have good self-control, and am relatively active, so am not too worried about being able to stick to the diet.

Notes so far:

Workouts: OUCH! When I studied the workout instructions and watched the videos, it seemed like the workouts on V-Diet would be easier than my normal workouts. I was wrong, and am paying the price. I started with a V-Burn challenge on day 0 (Sunday), and worked out the next day, which was probably stupid. Right now, I feel like I got kicked by a pack of mules. I will ease back on the weights next time, and should recover soon.

HOT-ROX Extreme: Holy crap this stuff is STRONG! I never consume caffeine, so my body wasn’t ready for this. People who don’t ever drink tea or coffee should be prepared for some shock. Extremely hard to sleep. I don’t have any sweating or flushing as I’ve seen described; just freekin’ wired. I think I’m starting to adapt; hopefully…

Flonase: Since I was concerned about potential cortisol impact of long-term Flonase use, I started tapering off of Flonase 3 weeks before starting (I didn’t need it; just had remained on since allergy season last year). Now completely off Flonase. Has lots of sinus congestion before starting HOT-ROX, but that cleared up almost immediately when I started the HOT-ROX. This implies to me that HOT-ROX boosts cortisol enough to compensate for lack of Flonase, but I am most speculating. Anyway, switching off of a corticosteroid before starting the diet seems potentially relevant, so I’m tracking it here.

Superfood: My Superfood doesn’t arrive for 2 more days, so I’m taking multivitamin in the meantime.

Supplements: ZMA (to help sleep), Rez-V, Fiber Choice, L-Carnitine, and EPA/DHA. 3-4g GABA on workout days (this is so I can pretend to sleep; let me know if GABA is bad for V-Diet)

PWO Surge: I am not using Surge PWO, but instead add some raw oatmeal (or banana in a pinch) to a PWO drink to match the exact carb amounts in Surge. And of course protein/BCAA to match the surge nutrition. This is because I don’t eat high GI carbs. The macros add up exact on my spreadsheet, so I hope it’s OK.

General impressions: Cashew nut butter in the final shake of the day is a nice touch. Coarse-ground organic flax also makes for nice taste. I find that I’m not really too hungry on this diet; probably due in part to the fiber and EPA/DHA. I put the metabolic shake mix in ziploc baggies and take with a mixer bottle to work, so it’s extremely easy to time the meals perfectly. Sometimes I warm up my water and make “hot chocolate”, for variety.

So far, the diet seems very well-designed. The HSM per week restrictions seems psychologically very clever – it prevents a “slippery slope” that could be caused by allowing “little cheats” during the day, and makes a clean diet consisting wholly of HSMs seem very desirable.

I’ll update the log here in 3-4 more days with body measurement checkpoint. Hopefully I’ll adjust better to HOT-ROX by then.


Any reason why you are not having real Surge? It’s quite tasty! You are having whole food there so doesn’t it go against the diet?

If I would have done the V-Burn Challenge for my start workout, I would have given up on the whole diet. You are brave and totally got your bum kicked! :wink:

For HOT-ROX, if you take it early enough in the afternoon, it shouldn’t affect your sleep.

Anyways, good luck!

Hi marycler,

Thanks for the tip about taking the HOT-ROX earlier in the afternoon. I will try that.

Good point about the oats being “whole food”; I should check with Chris on that. It’s my only deviation from orthodox V-Diet (unless GABA is forbidden). I actually grind up the oats (about 1/3rd cup) in a coffee grinder before blending it in a shake (that’s how I have always used oats in shakes), so it’s basically a powder when I mix it.

Regarding the Surge, I am borderline metabolically resistant, which is why I’ve previously developed the habit of eating pretty clean, with no sugar or caffeine. Before this diet, all my carbs were coming from sources like oats, yams, or chickpeas. My primary personal concern is the 25g of sugar, and the glucose and maltodextrin on the ingredients list of Surge.

These ingedients are very standard for bodybuilder PWO mixes, so there is nothing wrong with it for the vast majority of people. But that is more sugar than I ever get in a week, and I’m very paranoid about insulin resistance. Since I am already making a big change by introducing large dose of caffeine in the form of HOT-ROX, I didn’t want to also introduce large dosage of sugar at the same time.

I should have also mentioned that I am faithfully taking the Leucine as prescribed with the shakes, and Leucine plus Whey at those dosages is known to accomplish a big insulin spike anyway. I never took more than 5g Leucine in a day before this diet, so this diet increases that significantly.

Anyway, this is another reason I’m keeping this log – I researched V-Diet for a couple of months before starting, and didn’t see any anecdotes from dieters who had been on low-GI, stable insulin diets before.

My theory is that this diet will be just fine for people like me (and so far, seems to be fine). I am guessing that the reduction in waist fat and preservation of lean body mass will more than compensate for the 30 days increase in caffeine and Leucine throughout the day, and I am planning to use 400-800mg of phosphatidylserine daily after the diet is finished (and maybe RALA after the diet with carb meals, for a couple of weeks – I will need to ask Chris in a few weeks), to ensure continued post-diet insulin-sensitivity.

I am very deliberately not taking any insulin-sensitivity supplements like that during the diet, since that would probably deviate from an orthodox V-Diet, and would defeat the goal of being able to tell people like me how the V-Diet worked for me.

Anyway, thanks for the supportive words. I am honestly enjoying the diet so far, and haven’t even developed a craving for a HSM yet :slight_smile: We’ll see if that changes when I add superfood to the blender :slight_smile:

@marycler - I’m glad you asked about the oats PWO. Change of plans – sugar in, oats out, and RALA in!

I was especially concerned about the sugar in Surge, because (as I mentioned) I cut out RALA and PS. However, it turns out that RALA is allowed during the diet (Receptor Max is an approved supplement), so I don’t need to cut that out. And conversely, Chris replied that cutting out the sugar PWO is a “bad idea”. I am totally fine with sugar PWO as long as I can take RALA – in fact, it should be required, IMO.

BTW, it is my daughter’s last day of summer today before school starts up again, so my NEPA included 45 minutes ice-skating and 18 holes of mini-golf. Soreness from the V-Burn is finally gone.

Then I am glad I asked you! :wink: Interesting though, for an outsider.

Well good luck!

And nice choice of NEPA! I can’t wait to ice-skate :slight_smile:

Slept better last night after moving second HOT-ROX dose to noon (first at 6:30), and taking melatonin.

Day 2 of Superfood. Takes some getting used to, but not bad. The aftertaste lingers for 30 minutes, and is good – like after eating a bunch of blueberries.

Surge had me feeling like King Kong on cocaine for an hour after the workout, but I suppose I’ll get used to it. Having trouble getting the workouts exactly right – lowered weights at first and did to fast, then too heavy at end. Prior to this, I was exercising each body part group on different days, once a week per group. V-Diet exercises parts from each group every workout (which makes sense). I didn’t anticipate that it would be difficult to pace properly with this change; I should have spent 2 weeks prior to starting V-Diet getting used to the new workout so I knew what my baseline is.

Schedule today was about as hectic as it will get during this diet; all shakes after PWO consumed on the run. One more before bed.

Height: 5’11" (unchanged! haha)
Weight: 182 (down 5)
Waist: 34"

I weighed myself 3 times this morning, and it was 182.0 every time. So that is a real weigh-in. Really shocking (I expected 185 at best). And the 187.0 start was not an overestimate – it was first thing in morning, before food or drink. I started out fairly lean, and with a high activity level and clean eating, so I did not expect to lose weight this fast.

Waist size reduction wasn’t a suprise, simply because my pants are starting to slide down, especially if I keep my cell phone and keys in back pockets. Need to start wearing a belt if I don’t want my pants hangin on my butt.

I’m going on a rock-climbing trip with a friend next week; feeling pretty good about it. Lighter, leaner, and less sore than I started :slight_smile: On the other hand, I never imagined myself weighing in the 170’s, and not sure how I feel about that. Mid-170’s now seems inevitable given the pace of this diet.

One interesting observation is that, besides the waist and love handles, I seem to have lost fat on the legs. Squats aren’t lower, so I must have had fat there. Looking at the mirror, I could stand to put at least 10 pounds of lean body mass on the legs without even looking slightly unbalanced.

V-Burn: 15:23 (down from 21:30). Now my lungs are on fire and I feel like puking. Thanks, coach!

Pics of yesterday HSM. Camera on phone is really bad. Appetizer was a bunch of pickled Chinese vegetables. Main course was “jia jia mein”, which is ground pork in black bean sauce, with fresh sliced cucumber and lima bean on top of noodles.

I was only able to finish about half the meal.

Height: 5’11" (same)
Weight: 184 (down 3, up 2 since last week)
Waist: 34" (same)

Waist hasn’t increased, and definition and vascularity are visibly improved.
Weighed in at 184 today. That’s 3 lower than when I started 2 weeks ago, but 2 higher than last week. I’ve been sticking exactly to plan, and don’t really feel stronger (if anything, I feeel a touch weaker, and clearly getting carb depleted) so I’ll hold off on speculating about the weight gain. No point in overthinking a 2 lb variance.

With 14 days left, I will continue to stick exactly to plan. I still think it’s virtually certain that I’ll be weighing in under 180 by the end, and it will prove to have been a solid diet.

Height: 5’11" (same)
Weight: 180.5 (down 6.5)
Waist: 34" (same)

Last weigh-in was apparently a fluke. 180.5 is consistent yesterday and today, with two weighings each day.

Attached is salad from HSM, main course picture next.

Friday did rock-climbing for 40 minutes. Being lighter is nice. Saturday was approximately 2 hours light bike riding.

HSM main course; rockfish. Also had half glass of wine.

Height: 5’11" (same)
Weight: 178.0 (down 9)
Waist: 34" (same)

OK, two weighings today, and 178 each time. I’m switching to transition as of tomorrow. That’s about 10 days early, but I seriously didn’t expect to lose this much weight, and it kind of freaks me out. 9 pounds lost may not be much compared to a lot of the people who did V-Diet, but 178 is plenty skinny for me.

After transition, I’m planning to clean bulk with carb cycling for 3-4 months. We’ll see how that goes.

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