All Out War on Fat

Decided to start the V-Diet today. I wanna get leaned down a bit before i throw myself into the new HTH training Thibs is developing. Im excited as hell to start but I figure i should take the first step and lean down a bit before. Been lifting hard for 3+ years after a shoulder and knee injury but never really leaned back down after the injuries so hoping the V-Diet will do the trick.

Weighed in at 244 yesterday post training and last time i got measured i was at about 14.3% BF so im hoping to drop sub 10 while maintaining current lifts and close to the same measurements.

Height- 6’3’‘
Weight- 244
Neck- 17.5’‘
Chest - 46’‘
Waist - 36.5’‘
Hips- 38’‘
Upper Arm - L- 18’‘
Upper Arm - R- 18’‘
Upper Leg - L- 26’‘
Upper Leg - R- 26’‘
Lower Leg - L- 16.5’‘
Lower Leg - R- 16.6’‘
Forearm- L- 13.5’‘
Forearm- R- 13.5’’

Wish me Luck! Ill keep everyone updated on progress!! I will be doing the advanced program with NEPA and military duties mixed in which may increase activity some days drastically.

I will update with pictures as soon as I get an opportunity to transfer them to a computer.

Good luck! Being in a military environment, you should be able to abide to the strict rules of this diet. Oh, and welcome!

Good Luck… stick to it… we are all behind you!


Having been in a similar situation…you will do just fine, if you follow the game plan.

So far everything is great! Not had any horrible cravings and been out to watch people eat several times while still maintaining my composure haha. Im about to do my first V-Burn challenge and see how it goes, will update soon… Also ive been having problems uploading pics and im not sure why but i will keep trying.

Whoa…i knew that the V-Burn was gonna suck but that took me by surprise. Ive done my fair share of complexes training but its been awhile so my body was far from ready from that. It felt great though!! Took me 49min 13 sec to get through all 7 circuits so im pretty happy with that time for my first run through. Hopefully ill be able to speed that up a bit. I think this would be a great little program to run every weekend regardless of being on the diet or not, just a quick way of shocking your body a bit.

Im a little confused on the hand walkout though. Do you start from a standing position or pushup position for the advanced program? Also when it says do as many as you can then rest for 45 sec it confuses me a little… so if i can do say 20 of them should i do 20 then rest? Or is it saying if you can only do 6…do 6 then wait 45 sec and finish your ten… Thanks ahead of time!

So i know that its poo poo’d to change up the diet/training program at all but is it too far out of line to do some supplemental work on lagging body parts? I feel like this diet with its relatively limited training protocol offers some great timing to add in some great calf/forearm work that wouldnt be too demanding

Well Day 4 is done… the Monday Workout program went by pretty easily. I was tired at the end but within minutes had recovered.
BB Bent Row, Underhand Grip
225/5, 245/3, 225/4, 225/4 225/4
Overhead Squat(first time doing exercise hopefully looking for drastic increase in weight soon)
135/5, 135/4, 135/4, 135/4, 135/4
90lbs/5, 90lbs/5, 90lbs/4, 90lbs/3, 90lbs/3
Ab Rollout
20 reps straight from knees then tried a couple from feet which is a lot worse haha

Also did 40min of NEPA and I had to do a Unofficial AF Fit test so that morning i ran 1.5mile/pushup/situp before starting my day. Hopefully it doesnt kill my progress!

About supplemental work, ask Chris in his thread. He will let you know.

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