Alcohol, Daily Weigh-Ins, and Velocity Life

I’m sure it’s a combination of nature AND nurture, but for some reason I have never been able to eliminate booze from my life completely.

I am hoping that my re-dedication to the Velocity Life might finally get me over the hurdle. I can easily run through a list of the pros and cons of drinking, but that is not the point of this post.

What is helping me through the first weeks is really an obsession with details. I am checking the scale every morning. We know how many things can influence scale weight, and I think alcohol is probably the number one thing that can really mess with scale readings.

I just read an article that refreshed my knowledge of all the crazy things that occur after alcohol consumption. Sure, there is an initial period of dehydration, but the rebound effects include undesirable fluctuations in anti-diuretic hormone, aldosterone, cortisol, and renin.

The bottom line is that a few drinks can really make the daily weigh-in a totally useless tool.

That, in itself, is NOT enough to make a lifelong change. But it’s enough to get me through the first few weeks while I work on building the tools I need for the long run.

I’ve had a lot of V-Dieters tell me that they never realized what alcohol (primarily beer) was doing to them until they had to give it up for 28 days while on the V-Diet.

Beer – liquid grains essentially – is truly a body-wrecker. (Dammit.)

i think every diet highlights alot of these “damaging” foods.

Some have beer as you say other eats to much candy at times ?

mine i found out after 5 days of diet was dressings ! mayo, ketchup, sauce !! everything. i didnt notice the first couple of days i didnt but then i started needed some kind of dressing on everything(didnt use it of course) but it made me realise that i had been eating healthy stuff but i had garnished everything with something unhealthy…

eating a salad ? yes with butter roasted bread crums and garlic mayo dressing.

eating a WW sandwich ? yea but it was like this “whole wheat Bread - butter - meat - dressing - garnish”

and dont even ask me what spaghetti or pasta taste like !?!?! it always tasted like tomatoes to me!

hopefully you will conquer too and you will reach your goals !


This time around, I think I discovered that SALT was my biggest craving during the first few days. When you think about it, the V-Diet turns the normal sodium:potassium ration upside down. The typical American diet contains WAY too much salt and not enough potassium. On the velocity diet, there will be an enormous correction in this ratio.

I found that I wasn’t really craving carbs or fats, but it was salt that seemed to be driving me crazy.

If you have any interest in how the inverted salt:potassium ratio of the typical American diet effects your health, check out “The K Factor” by Richard Moore and George Webb. It’s a good read.

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