Air Travel on V-Diet, Please Help!

Unfortunately I have to go out of town for the weekend on a business trip. I am trying to leave as late as possible on Friday and will return Sunday afternoon.

Has anyone tried to get on an airplane with Metabolic Drive? I can only imagine it being thrown away and/or me adding a new experience to my life and being the recipient of a cavity search!!!
No thanks! Anyway you slice it, not good.

I was planning on just bringing a carry-on bag with me.
What does everyone think? Has anyone flown the friendly skies with a bag full of protein powder?

I don’t want to waiver off the program, but my job is certainly of greater importance here.

Please advise…

I’ve traveled with baggies of creatine, BCAA, protein and never had a problem with security. I’d recommend putting the protein in a shaker bottle and filling it with water once you get past security. Hopefully your flight isn’t too long!

The other supplies you can throw in your stow-away luggage.

I have flown with baggies of protein and also fiber. Never had any problems either.

I hear of people warning against this all the time… but in real life I’ve never heard of someone getting into trouble for “bags of powder.” It does sound like potential trouble, but I’ve been doing it for, oh, about 10 years and never had an issue.

International travel would be trickier though. I’d be more careful there.

One idea to avoid the bags of powder thing is to place your Metabolic Drive into smaller supplement containers. That way it still has a label and isn’t just powder in a baggie.

Sometimes I also toss my L-Leucine and Superfood and even creatine into my protein powder and mix it all together. Saves space.

Then I take all my capsules and place them into one big bottle. Never once had airport security ask about it or even open it to my knowledge.

Thanks for the support and answers gang!

The ziploc bag idea is probably the most feasible. I will just put together the Metabolic Drive, flax, leucine, and other goodies into individual bags.

Whew! I was really worried I would have to abort this mission prematurely.

(If I need bail money, I’m calling all 3 of you)

Coming in from an international flight I have had problems with protein powder that is not in its original packing or bottle. Some countries are a bit touchy about dairy products. Think Mad Cow disease. So they want to see what the powder is made of.

Domestic flights are no problems if the bulk of the stuff, and you are only talking about 2 days worth, is put into your check in baggage.

When I need a shake on a flight I use the little ziplock bags and take on an empty shaker bottle or similar, something with a wide neck. I suggest you put the powder in the bottle before you get on the plane though. Shades of anthrax anxiety from other passengers.

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