Air in the Shakes! (Day 5 of my V-Diet)

Right now I’m still taking the Grow! Whey while I wait for my Metabolic Drive shakes. I am on day 5 of my V-Diet and it’s getting really hard to down these shakes. I couldn’t work out so well yesterday because my stomach was soooo full. I drank my last shake at 9am today and today is an off day so I’m only having 5 shakes. My stomach just hurts so bad and I’m uncomfortable just about every moment of every day now.

I can get the shakes down fine, it’s just the way I feel afterwards. My stomach feels soooooo bloated I can barely move. I tried to stop using a blender for these because of the excess air inside the shake. If anyone knows a secret to this please let me know. I also have those GNC blender drink cups with the circular piece of metal to help break up the protein.

For workout days, I was thinking of waking up at 6am, downing a shake and passing back out for another hour or two. That would make it so that my days are about the same shakewise, except for the one early AM. If anyone knows any tricks of the trade for this, please let me know.

I hate quitting anything and will do everything I can to keep going, but the sickness in my stomach is just killing me. Most people I see complaining about getting the shake down, that I can do fine. It’s just how I feel afterwards that I can’t take. Any advice would be appreciated!


You can make the shakes smother with an emulsifier like lecithin or by adding a little heavy cream. If you’re using the Grow! whey, it probably won’t be a problem with the Metabolic Drive.

If you’re just not digesting it very well leaving you feeling heavy, try using some betaine hcl or digestive enzymes.

Enzymes will help tremendously. I’m just using Super Enzymes from GNC.

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